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  1. State of Theology infographic
  2. Seminarians and Pushing a Global Perspective
  3. Spurgeon on the urgency of missions
  4. Interesting encounter with Jehovah's Witnesses yesterday
  5. I believe most evangelical missionaries are theological light-weights
  6. David Platt - new IMB president (SBC)
  7. Hostility to the Gospel in Nepal
  8. Dispatches From the Front
  9. Evangelism
  10. unbelieving translators
  11. Reformed Missionary's of History
  12. Religions by State Illustrates Opportunities
  13. Merf
  14. Evangelism through Billboard???
  15. Heartcry blog on the death of Mesak
  16. Article on Wahyu's baptism
  17. My tribe was featured in the latest Heartcry Missionary Society Magazine
  18. Travelling missionary dilemma - how to turn down housing offers
  19. Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God - free audiobook
  20. Something seems to be happening in Africa and Asia
  21. Observations on Church in Nepal
  22. Campus Ministries
  23. Fundraising Update
  24. Church Planting in the RPCNA...How They Went From 1 to 11 Churches in Indiana
  25. Church Planting in Costa Rica
  26. Video Update
  27. Reformed Church Planting
  28. an alternative to Worldvision - COAH
  29. World Vision has sadly capitulated to the worldly vision
  30. Resource for missionaries
  31. Gospel Tracts From the Trinitarian Bible Society
  32. Worthwhile Read on Rural Ministry
  33. the whole world is so wired.....
  34. I'm headed to England!
  35. Supporting national evangelists
  36. Different countries search Bible differently
  37. Blog article about a sick tribal kid from a while back
  38. Missions Table
  39. Strangers in a Strange Land
  40. Worthy ones doing M evangelism
  41. Ministry to Military
  42. Clear Concise Gospel presentation?
  43. The Imperatives of the Gospel
  44. Korean Tracts
  45. What I have learned from William Carey - Heartcry blog
  46. Hope in the jungle - a new blog post over at the Heartcry Missionary Society blog
  47. The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy
  48. Motherhood is Ministry
  49. Preparing for furlough in the USA starting in May
  50. Church Planting in a Country With No Reformed Churches
  51. My testimony of salvation on the Heartcry missionary website
  52. Pray for those who oppose us
  53. Acts 29 Movement
  54. Evangelism Campaign
  55. Who may street preach?
  56. School of Biblical Evangelism [The Way of the Master]
  57. Henry Gerecke – Chaplain to Nazi war criminals
  58. Transitioning to being an independent (direct-sent) missionary
  59. Reverend William Henry Sheppard (1865–1927) - "Black-White" missionary to the Congo
  60. Adoniram Judson's Gospel Tract, Still Used Today
  61. My son Isaiah's upcoming "mission trip"
  62. Preacher Causes Stir in Perth
  63. Missions Conference 2013
  64. Evangelism Cheat Sheet
  65. Options for publishing a mission resource.
  66. Tracts and Booklets
  67. Indianapolis brother and sisters interested in the URCNA?
  68. Persecution: Bring It On?
  69. Why the supposed failure in the Netherlands Dr. Trueman / George Grant
  70. Prayer Stand
  71. Preaching the Law prior to the Gospel - needless or necessary?
  72. Alliance Interview
  73. Good Person Test Reformed.
  74. Sermon suggestions
  75. Greeting cards in support of the persecuted church
  76. Biblical Church Planting Method
  77. Scriptural Commands to pray for ALL the lost vs just the elect
  78. Is this an incomplete gospel message?
  79. Sharing the Gospel in Day to Day Life.
  80. "My Hope" Billy Graham
  81. PCA GA minority Report on Insider Movements - trying to find the full report
  82. Bless Israel to get a blessing
  83. Reformed Evangelism
  84. Conservative churches need to grow by more than just with transfers
  85. Gospel Presentation Book for Simple Readers
  86. Letter from Judson, 1832
  87. A View on Missional Church Planting from the Far Outfield
  88. Non-Reformed Missionaries
  89. Are we called to save the world?
  90. Sending out a prayer letter - pig attack and the death of a local woman here
  91. Poll: How did you reform.
  92. Canadian Supreme Court rules
  93. Why are 'traditional' Reformed churches struggling?
  94. World Alliance of Reformed Churches
  95. Reformed and Evangelical Presence in the Nordic Countries
  96. Planting a reformed baptist church if there's already a reformed presbyterian church?
  97. "They're taking our kids."
  98. Wycliffe pledges to comply - controversial Bible translations among Muslims
  99. Occult objects in your home
  100. Sinners Prayer
  101. Ways to present the Gospel / How did God get your attention?
  102. Testing the mission waters
  103. Tortured Because of Christ's Name (Testimoney)
  104. Christianity Explained curriculum
  105. Paul Washer on Biblical Evangelism: What are your thoughts?
  106. The Gnadenhütten Massacre
  107. A Third Ordinance? The Cooperative Program & the Future of Collaborative Ministry
  108. When Helping Hurts - Review
  109. Gospel Presentations
  110. The Logical Conclusion
  111. Saint Patrick's day is coming, here's Patrick's words himself:
  112. Other missionaries using Mother Teresa as an example of a good missionary
  113. My church website just posted a prayer letter on it - lots of pics!
  114. Watchman on the Wall prayer program
  115. Should Missionary Couples have 2 sending churches?
  116. Christ Church PCA 2013 Missions Conference
  117. Using Lent as an evangelistic opportunity - syncretism or strategic outreach?
  118. Personal experience with the EPCEW and/or the IPC denominations?
  119. We are we not sending out Africans?
  120. The repentance of Judas - Matthew 27
  121. Mark 13:10 And the gospel must first be preached to all nations.
  122. Stories to teach kids about substitutionary atonement and about Jesus paying our debt
  123. Interesting study on depressed Mormon women
  124. Differences between sheep and goats
  125. Living without a State - article about remote areas in Papua
  126. Indonesian Pentecostalism - the churches in Indonesia need deepening
  127. Re-thinking-short-term-mission-trips
  128. Advertising your church
  129. What is the theology of AMG International
  130. The Edinburgh Conference
  131. Worshipping Jesus in the Mosque
  132. Motherhood is Ministry
  133. A Wonderful Story of God's Grace
  134. Uganda Opportunity
  135. Evangelism & Apologetics: Same things or diffrent?
  136. How to minister to hopeless cases
  137. An interview with a missionary
  138. My tribal area was featured in MAF's magazine, take a look
  139. Why are so many Christians more interested in politics than evangelism?
  140. November 11, day of prayer for the persecuted church
  141. Eight terrible church visits
  142. Question For Missionaries...
  143. Short-term Mission Vacations
  144. Missionary commissioning service for women and the unordained, too?
  145. Missionary sending and accountability, a few questions
  146. Small churches doing a better job
  147. Tract for Children: "Who WIll Be King?"
  148. Dr. Hallock, China, 1927
  149. A great piece on the "sinner's prayer"
  150. Reformed Group in Nicaragua needs English teachers...wanna go?
  151. Luke 10 and modern missiology
  152. Finding a "Person of Peace"
  153. Gospel presentations
  154. World Evangelical growth rate
  155. Hypothetical Missionaries to matriarchal society
  156. Evangelism in Acts
  157. Critique this gospel tract.
  158. Evangelism/Discipleship on college campuses?
  159. Evangelism "Strategies"
  160. I wish this were a joke....
  161. Desire help/input for tract!
  162. Well... can't say I'm surprised by this one...
  163. Video on Open Air Preaching (Biblical)
  164. World Harvest Mission
  165. How to witness/evangelize?
  166. Friendship evangelism
  167. De Conversion and Conversion a New Reformation
  168. What is a good gift for a Catholic?
  169. What outreach methods has your church successfully used?
  170. Point a Muslim “trans-migrant” to Jesus Christ.
  171. Bible Translation to Muslims - latest news....
  172. Missions - What Would You Do?
  173. Albee Play at a Presbyterian Church?
  174. One-Verse Witnessing Tools
  175. Materials on Multiethnic Christian ED Material
  176. Church Planting - Nick Batzig
  177. Powerful Missions Sermon
  178. Looking for cartoons, pictures, illustrations for tracts
  179. Divine Sovereignty: The Fuel of Death-Dying Missions, sermon by David Platt
  180. When unbelievers ask about intramural debates
  181. Information about giving to the persecuted church?
  182. We don't send North Americans - we just support indigenous Third World pastors
  183. Presbyterian college shooting
  184. Report on new tract ministry - very promising!
  185. Where would I find good Gospel tracts from a Reformed view?
  186. Preaching to a public audience who has no choice but to listen
  187. Article about local church involvement in missions
  188. New Visitors Packet - What Should Be Included?
  189. Making a tract on false assurance
  190. Another Macedonian Call
  191. Looking for tracts for Muslims and Catholic audiences
  192. Patrick, missionary to Ireland
  193. Questions about the Chaplaincy
  194. Heaven, Hell: Who cares?
  195. While we are not Roman Catholic...
  196. Airstrip progress and some portraits of locals
  197. Please pray for Christian women in Nigeria
  198. Aargh, much nonsence passes for "humanitarian aid"
  199. SBC to become "Great Commission Baptists"
  200. Are You a Presbyopian?
  201. The church outside the Anglo-sphere.
  202. HM Elisabeth II Evangelist?
  203. Jimi and Perin - Humble servants of God
  204. Soma Communities and the PCA
  205. Evangelicals, Mimes, and the Gospel
  206. New field "bio" - Recruiting co-laborers
  207. Watch this video: Unheralded
  208. The Cultural Captivity of Evangelical missions
  209. Looking for a book to give to a co-worker. Need suggestions.
  210. Sharing the Gospel With Family.
  211. New Tribes Firm Foundations Series
  212. New ministry at our church
  213. Seminaries must not only train pastors and teachers for established churches
  214. Sign this petition: Keep "Father" & "Son" in the Bible
  215. Where to plant churches?
  216. Best evangelism illustrations?
  217. Refrmed Missions Conference
  218. Do missionaries mooch?
  219. The fishless fishermen's fellowship
  220. It is time we become deep, thick and different
  221. Method of Evangelism to Roman Catholics?
  222. Intriguing Article
  223. Door to Door Outreach
  224. Taking out references to "the son of God" in bible translations among Muslims
  225. Judson's advice to missionaries
  226. "Planting Seeds"
  227. New OPC Website on Home Missions
  228. Key Scriptures to Memorize for Evangelizing
  229. Witnessing at Work
  230. Looking for good PDF of Andrew Fuller's Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation
  231. The legitimacy of focusing on certain groups when doing evangelism
  232. Judgement houses? Alternative to haunted houses?
  233. The missionary and primitive cultures
  234. Radicallovenow - a pledge to love Muslims
  235. Contextualization guidelines being put in place
  236. An Indonesian believer writes about indigenous worship
  237. Who is the church for? Believers? Nonbelievers? How?
  238. Missional communities video - Soma, Verge, Acts 29
  239. 180 The Movie
  240. Reformed Mission books?
  241. Is it a missionary's job to "transform culture"?
  242. Practical aid as "mission"
  243. God is the one who plants the Church
  244. I need computer help with a youtube project
  245. Did Paul expect material aid as he spread the Gospel?
  246. Struggling With Faith and Being a Church Planter
  247. House churches in the U.S. for the sake of missions -- a radical proposal
  248. Least Christian Country in the World
  249. Short Term Mission Trips - Should churches sponsor them?
  250. Joy among the angels!