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  1. Church Membership Vows versus Private vows with God
  2. Taking communion at Lutheran church?
  3. Favorite tune for God Moves in a Mysterious Way
  4. Liturgical calendar
  5. The Paschal Greeting - How do you view it?
  6. John Owen: "The principle that the church hath power to institute anything...."
  7. Inclusive vs Exclusive Psalmody
  8. Directions for Singing the Psalms
  9. Affirmations of Faith and the Regulative Principle
  10. Wonderful service
  11. Isaiah 58 and Recreation on the Sabbath
  12. Is this ok?
  13. Curious your thoughts on this ministry?
  14. What do you do and why?
  15. Good songs for scripture memory? Bible verses set to music? (Other than psalters...)
  16. Is music a big enough issue to leave a church over?
  17. Family Worship Help
  18. Thoughts on Hiring A Pianist for Worship
  19. Common Bread in the Lord's Supper
  20. Wine in the Lord's Supper
  21. A wonderful Christmas sermon
  22. Does the Apocalypse have liturgical elements?
  23. The Temple and the Regulative Principle
  24. New Year's Eve Service
  25. Where Do Greatest Affections Occur -- Private or Public Worship?
  26. The Lord's Prayer
  27. "John Calvin, the Nascent Sabbatarian" available online
  28. secular verses sacred
  29. The Sabbath as a means of the means of grace
  30. Question about Trinity Psalter versions
  31. Dr. Beeke: Puritans who promoted organs in worship
  32. Young Oceans/Jon Tyson TGC
  33. Christmas and Easter
  34. Covenant theology as a key foundation for worship
  35. 1976 CRC Blue Psalter Hymnal too paraphrased to be used for Exclusive Psalmody?
  36. Want to start singing Psalms?
  37. Can one sing inspired Psalms that are changed around to please the ear?
  38. Standing during Prayer
  39. Pray TO the Holy Spirit?
  40. Question about Scottish Metrical Psalter
  41. Best Regulative Defense for Hymn-Singing
  42. Live Services on Internet?
  43. Resources for Church Beginning Psalm Singing
  44. Hillsong claims songs are "God-breathed"
  45. Psalms for All Seasons
  46. RPW and the Synagogue
  47. Sacramental Meditations
  48. Suggestions for learning hymns for a musical novice
  49. When did OT temple musical service end?
  50. Exegetical study on normative principle of worship.
  51. How to "praise the name"? Was YHWH "lost" because Jesus was revealed?
  52. Cantus Christi
  53. Donald Poundstone on Partial Psalmody
  54. A costly perfume - is this a helpful analogy
  55. Easter service at the In-Laws' church....
  56. Something I realized about Easter worship
  57. Secret Church
  58. Matt Maher is Roman Catholic???
  59. "Worship" on Wednesday?
  60. Blue Trinity Hymnal Favorites?
  61. Using Common Book of Prayer in Worship?
  62. How does liturgy impact your church?
  63. RPW question on Colossians 2
  64. 1 Corinthians 14:34-35
  65. Preparing for worship
  66. Extempore prayer vs liturgical prayer -- a response
  67. Annual I'm Giving Up Popish/Man-Made Holy Days For Lent Thread
  68. Should I continue with organ playing? I can't decide..
  69. Update: New Folk Singer Psalm Posted!
  70. EP CDs?
  71. Reframing Presbyterian Worship: A Critical Survey of the Worship Views of Frame/Gore
  72. Communion During the Christmas Eve Service?
  73. Greeting at the start of worship
  74. Why Millennials long for liturgy
  75. Renewing wedding vows
  76. First look: G. Gillespie's EPC
  77. Theology of Song Writer and Hymnists
  78. Calvin on the Works of Men's Hands
  79. Can a Church be too Christocentric?
  80. Bay Book of Psalms Visit & Nov 26 Auction
  81. Holy Spirit and The Order Of Worship
  82. Poll: Does your church have traditional or contemporary worship?
  83. It’s ok to pay non-Christians to play music in church services
  84. Academic Conference in February
  85. Best book on worship from Reformed perspective?
  86. Images of Christ
  87. Ends Nov. 15 Popish Ceremonies, USA $19.95 post paid, Canada $36; Intn' $40
  88. Thru Nov. 30 Popish Ceremonies, USA $19.95 post paid, Canada $36; Intn' $40
  89. Psalms and hymns not addressed to God?
  90. Is a wooden cross hanging prominently in a sanctuary a violation of the 2nd
  91. John Owen on Lord's Supper Frequency
  92. Idolatry Condemned
  93. New website full of PSALMS tracks!
  94. What is the anatomy of a modern chorus?
  95. Origins of the "meet and greet" during worship services?
  96. Marva Dawn?
  97. Psalms
  98. Missions and Sacraments: What if there is No WINE in the Culture?
  99. I once was blind but now I see...
  100. Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand
  101. Headcoverings - A Hermeneutics Lesson from R.C. Sproul‏
  102. Book of Common Prayer
  103. "The Articles of the Belief"
  104. Frequency of the Lord's Supper
  105. Propriety of congregational "Amen's" in church..
  106. Regulative principle article
  107. Contemporary vs Puritan worship: Washer's warning
  108. Cleaning a Clergy Stole
  109. Definition of Public Worship
  110. Does Too Much Liturgy Lead to Anglicanism or Rome?
  111. Happy Lord's Day!
  112. Can you recommend any books on preparation for the Lord's Day?
  113. Boston On LS Frequency
  114. Psalter pointed for chanting
  115. Scottish Psalter and Church Hymnary question
  116. Looking for a Church to Visit Near Willis, VA
  117. RPW and the priesthood of all believers
  118. Non-Psalm but Scripture Singing
  119. Did our sin 'keep' Jesus on the cross?
  120. Presbyterian and Reformed Live Streaming Worship Services
  121. Carl Trueman On Tragedy and Christian Worship
  122. Reformed Baptists and EP
  123. Should we read Jesus into all of David's experiences?
  124. The Folly of Man-Created "Worship": Glad to be Reformed
  125. "spiritual songs of mere human composure"
  126. Catechism on Praise
  127. Christian Music Bands Playing at Bars
  128. The Extent of Reformation: Whatsoever God Commands—Alexander Henderson
  129. On a Half Reform being No Reform at all--Samuel Rutherford
  130. What Was Your Worship Service Like Today?
  131. Isaiah 58 Exposition of Sabbath
  132. Was Calvin Psalms only?
  133. Music in presbyterianism
  134. Who can write a hymn? (For use in Public Worship)
  135. Holiday Poll
  136. Church in Poland
  137. 52 “Easters” in the year.
  138. 1956 SBC "Baptist Hymnal"
  139. Hair given to women as a covering
  140. Call to worship: Circumstance or element?
  141. "O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing"
  142. Trinity hymnal
  143. Scripture Songs and other Musical Resources for Free
  144. Wake up Australia - Rejoice, the Lord's Day is upon us! Let's go!
  145. The Bremer on Ceremonies (1595)
  146. Sacred Ceremonies Devised by Man are Forbidden Images.
  147. Questions about the RPCNA Directory of Public Worship (2010)
  148. An article as we go to worship this Lord's Day
  149. origin of "regulative principle of worship"?
  150. Hymns that Combine Majestic music with Theological Truth
  151. RPWhat?
  152. Acceptable Worship - W.C.F.XXI.I
  153. Some questions of 'Davidic Dancing' [what!?!?] and Psalm 149 and 150
  154. mp3 of Psalms 18, 35, and 118 being sung?
  155. The Singing of Psalm 40
  156. And you thought your churches Christmas Eve service was bad
  157. Communion Seasons and Man-Made Holy Days
  158. Christmas Eve Communion Services?
  159. Are we brothers and sisters in Christ?
  160. More Christmas confusion...
  161. R.C. Sproul's take on Christmas
  162. Christkindl Worship
  163. The Folk Singers Psalter!?
  164. A Holy God and Holy Days
  165. 10 old wives' tales about church growth....
  166. Do you have a Trinity Hymnal?
  167. Scottish Psalter of 1650 Fully Recorded
  168. Rev. Ted Donnelly On Three Weaknesses Facing Worship
  169. Favorite hymn & hymn writer?
  170. Need a Fluent French Reader
  171. Ed Young brother of Cliff Young (Caedmon's Call): What!!!
  172. Puritan's Reaction to Isaac Watts
  173. Need help on obtaining some sources
  174. "Calvinistic" Hymn of Charles Wesley?
  175. Saying "grace" before meals
  176. Reformed Scottish Presbyterianism Reunion in the 21st Century
  177. Worship Services in Calvin's Geneva
  178. Survey on Intinction Now Available on ByFaithOnline
  179. Church history and the worship wars?
  180. Singing to the Lord a "new song..."
  181. Learning Genevan Tunes Resources?
  182. Patriotic Songs and Christian Worship
  183. Explaining the Importance of Sunday Worship and the RPW to other Christians
  184. The Juvenilization of American Christianity
  185. American/Christian Flag in Sanctuary?
  186. Sing Psalms
  187. OPC Psalter/Hymnal
  188. Being black and Reformed
  189. An applicable warning for the Reformed congregations?
  190. Bringing God up to Date on Current Events? (Public Prayer)
  191. Churches near Laredo, TX?
  192. Hymn CDs
  193. Free Scottish Psalm-Singing MP3s
  194. Where is Your Focus in Worship?
  195. Tune Repertoires
  196. Thoughts on the Regulative Principle from Deuteronomy
  197. House Church today
  198. Advice from Presbyterians
  199. Yet another Easter question
  200. How to pray with the Psalms?
  201. Order of Worship Help
  202. What is your favorite hymn?
  203. this Mornings text
  204. Worship Tomorrow
  205. Where to find a good Psalter?
  206. Presbyterian prayer book? Yay or Nay?
  207. books and opinions on childrens ministry
  208. Songs in Worship
  209. Special Music in Worship
  210. Accepted but not Commanded?
  211. Denominational Renewal ? Lots of questions
  212. Plain worship music?
  213. The Lord's Supper: What Is Element and What Is Circumstance?
  214. What Liquid Do You Use in the Lord's Supper?
  215. Annual Presbyterians Do Not Celebrate Lent Thread
  216. Lord's Supper: Distributing the Elements Separately or Together
  217. What is true Praise and Worship in Church?
  218. Worship Leaders
  219. RPW only for Temple
  220. Normative vs Regulative Principle
  221. Resurgence in Psalm Singing?
  222. Online Church Search
  223. must be baptized to take the Lord's Supper?
  224. Women reading scriptures outloud in the worship service from the pulpit?
  225. Who may perform the Scripture readings in worship services?
  226. Scripture Reading
  227. Would you relocate for church reason?
  228. Hymn on Adoption?
  229. Articles on Public Reading Of Scripture Needed
  230. The Old Christian Hymns (Evangelical Movement of Wales)
  231. A good sermon about worship in spirit and in truth
  232. New Psalm Singing Website
  233. Covenanter question
  234. Prayer for the dead? Red Trinity Hymnal 520
  235. Requesting Hymnal Page Scans, text
  236. Warrant for corporate confession of sin and responsive Scripture readings
  237. To what extent does the regulative principle govern body postures?
  238. "Speak O Lord" lyrics
  239. -
  240. Collection of Psalms set to music...
  241. Larger Communion Cups
  242. Knox Quote on Idolatry
  243. Is kneeling permitted in worship?
  244. Weekly communion reformed churches in Singapore
  245. Receiving Offerings an Element of Worship?
  246. Foot Washing
  247. What are the Elements of Worship?
  248. Looking for books on Spiritual Gifts like "The Final Word"
  249. Chanting as a form of singing
  250. RPW: verbatim Psalms?