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  1. Ghosts, spirits, demons.
  2. Demons Know the Future?
  3. Christian response to Ouija boards?
  4. Reading Precious Remedies
  5. Messages about suffering by Gavin Beers
  6. Origin(s) of sinful choices
  7. How To Know When You Are "Loving The World, and the Things of the World ?"
  8. Prayer Request - opportunity for the gospel
  9. Biblical Counseling vs. Science?
  10. Battling the Concept of Forgiveness
  11. Dealing with detestable things
  12. Frustrations in the Seminarian Classroom
  13. Books on Homosexuality
  14. Is yoga channeling demonic energies?
  15. A conundrum concerning Satan's role in our mishaps
  16. Al Mohler On Theological Liberalism and the Meaning of Words
  17. Question for Amillennialists: Has the binding of Satan and his demons been realized
  18. School Shootings and Spiritual Warfare (Russell Moore)
  19. Is it heresy for J.I. Packer and Tim Keller to now endorse the Alpha Course?
  20. The Biggest Threat to Christianity?
  21. Overcoming obsessive thoughts
  22. Who Told Adam That He Was Naked?
  23. Can Spiritual Warfare just be from Man's Total Depravity and not necessarily Satan?
  24. Toronto's war on Churches
  25. Brits seek to force Christians to live hyphenated lives
  26. I am gathering verses, quotes, lessons on witchcraft
  27. IP and the 8th Commandment
  28. Fasting. Why do it?
  29. A Puritan Theology of Intercessory Prayer : Mourning over the Sins of Our Times
  30. Demon possession in Christians
  31. Jay Adams' view of the Flesh
  32. Appropriateness of particular petitions in prayer
  33. Pride and Teaching/Preaching
  34. The Gift of Discernment
  35. Martin Luther quotation
  36. Two helpful messages on melancholy by Dr Peter Masters
  37. Confession of sins, and my guilty troubles
  38. Lutheran chapel sold without consent
  39. Reformed views of exorcisms?
  40. War Of The Mind
  41. Depression and Accountability
  42. Really helped me today
  43. A thank you & an apology
  44. Apology
  45. The Kingdom of God vs. the kingdoms of man
  46. Have you read Archie Parrish's Improve Your Prayer Life? Recommended?
  47. Is it okay to watch the movie Thor?
  48. Helping the hurting in Jesus name
  49. How to deal with anger in a Godly Manner
  50. "That one sin..."
  51. Christ has prayed for each of his children...
  52. strung out
  53. How much do you sin consciously on a daily basis?
  54. The Struggle with the Super Bowl
  55. Got an ill-directed friend
  56. Does Satan have his part in ALL our sins?
  57. I need guidance
  58. Fear of Being Wrong
  59. The gospel and its remedy for depression and anxiety
  60. Worship as spiritual warfare
  61. Prayer request for family
  62. What is the purpose of Fasting and Prayer?
  63. My Dark Season
  64. Lukewarm
  65. The way we (I would say, shouldn't) talk
  66. Is the acting profession compatible with Godliness?
  67. Lord's Day Preparation Frustration
  68. God is the spice of life
  69. Burroughs on Hosea 4:4
  70. Judgmental Attitudes in the Church
  71. Spiritual Warfare
  72. Can we prevent the judgment of God?
  73. How do errors spring up so easily?
  74. Occult practice in the "Christian" church?
  75. Edward Reynolds on Prayer [Hosea 14:1-3]
  76. Wild at Heart
  77. Reformed view on demonic power...
  78. The Church and the Arts
  79. Pornography
  80. Random Thoughts
  81. Curses and words spoken against you
  82. Demonic Attack Questions and Advice Sought.
  83. Praying biblically
  84. Feeling distressed
  85. Entertainment?
  86. Owen on Mortification - summary and quotes
  87. Arguments against modern day demonic possession
  88. Need Book Suggestions (re: Satan, etc.)
  89. Lodging facilities without 'adult' movies
  90. Help on internet **** accountability
  91. Owen on the Strength of Indwelling Sin - That mothers would murder their infants...
  92. 12 Step Programs - What is the Reformed View?
  93. Shake off the dust from your feet?
  94. When did Satan Fall?
  95. Fall of Satan, Angels and Demons (Looking for bibliography)
  96. E. Mich. Univ. ousts student for not affirming homosexual behavior
  97. Are cults (like JW) more "dangerous" than other groups when you dialogue/witness?
  98. Nightmares and Spiritual Warefare
  99. I have a sad suspicion about a certain house in my neighborhood
  100. Christian AND non-practicing homosexual?
  101. Paranormal things?
  102. Wesleyan or reformed view of holiness?
  103. Sharing some experiences
  104. Satisfaction in Obedience
  105. Conspiracies and Resisting the Powers
  106. Piper's message to Obama on abortion
  107. Precious Remedies against Satan's Devices
  108. Satan's use of Scripture and his skillful use of questions
  109. Rebuking the Devil
  110. Prayer and supplication
  111. Satan's personality from Job 1
  112. Satan as the roaring lion seeking whom he MAY devour
  113. Major step of Obedience
  114. Facebook members-join my group!
  115. II Cor. 12:7-10 - Satan gives us disease and ailments?
  116. Quotes about Satan being under God's sovereignty
  117. Luke 22:31-32 did Satan beg for Peter like he did Job in the OT?
  118. Who owns the earth?
  119. Satan in Zechariah 3 and Job
  120. Piper on Evil
  121. William of Paris on Temptations
  122. Devotions Poll?
  123. Devotions?
  124. Internet Fast?
  125. Pilgrim's Progress Audio
  126. How do you know if you are being spiritually attacked?
  127. In the lair of the enemy
  128. Pilgrim's Progress: Battle with Apollyon
  129. Spritual Warfare series from Mark Driscoll
  130. Demonization - who's to blame?
  131. Request for prayer - not sure if it's the right place to post
  132. Puritan Works on Gluttony
  133. Testing God
  134. To what degree do we tear down (physically) the works of the devil?
  135. An element of reality in the occult revival?
  136. How Can the Church Battle "Trendy" Sin?
  137. The Occult in the late 19th, early 20th centuries
  138. Proverbs 28:4
  139. Presumptuous sins
  140. If God Leaves A Man To Himself.
  141. "UFO's" and the Occult
  142. Christian Pornography?
  143. The best means to mortify sin
  144. Galatians 5:19-23
  145. demon possession
  146. The Backsliding Professor
  147. And The Pulpits Are Silent...
  148. Androgyny: The Pagan Sexual Ideal
  149. A Warning To Stiff-necked Rebellious Sinners
  150. Territorial Spirits and Daniel 10:10
  151. Calvinist goes Deist/Unitarian
  152. Please Bombard Me with "Christian Soldier" Commentary
  153. Are You A Nervous Wreck?
  154. The Christian in Complete Armour
  155. How To Deal With The Guilt Of Sexual Sin
  156. Antidepressant pills
  157. Anyone ever experienced this
  158. Sola Fide in light of Imperfect Faith and Assurance
  159. Christians Battling with Pornography
  160. Genuine help for those enslaved to sexual immorality and self gratification
  161. Dire Times For Iraq's Christians
  162. My hats off to TBN
  163. Music from other religions
  164. Sacred oaks, charms, witch doctors, and showdowns
  165. Thinking Of God's Mercy On The Sabbath
  166. Praying over places, villages,etc
  167. Picture of a demon??
  168. Struggles with my Christian position.
  169. Religious freedom under attack in Quebec!
  170. A Word of Encouragement for Pastors
  171. The Emergent Church: A Reformed Answer
  172. Purpose for demon possession
  173. What happened to demon possession?
  174. Witnessing In Beloit, Wisconsin
  175. His Majesty's Secret Service
  176. The Call for a Christian Phalanx
  177. "Voices" or demons? What to do?
  178. Single mom needs prayer
  179. For thy sake we are killed all day long...
  180. Writings on the warfare
  181. Pray for sisters
  182. Question for JerusalemBlade
  183. Denying the Holy Spirit is now a fad
  184. Arthur Walker Pink
  185. Dying for attention
  186. I've got a question about "Spiritual Gifts".
  187. Reprobates at the Lord's Supper
  188. Send In The Clowns
  189. VT Massacre
  190. PLAGIARISM - does God care?
  191. Call to prayer and fasting.
  192. Anyone seen this nonsense?
  193. How Should A Christian Interpret This?
  194. How to respond to reports of widespread supernatural activity?
  195. The Christian and drama
  196. How do we recognize spiritual warfare?
  197. Appropriate Prayer
  198. Were the anabaptists heretics?
  199. Sheep or swine?
  200. Has anyone ever gone through this?
  201. Martin Luther on restoring fallen brethren
  202. A Bold Move Towards Ongoing Reformation
  203. It's time to drive this false, man centered, "Left Behind" gospel out of the Church!
  204. Inability to control thoughts.
  205. Nothing happens in Heaven unless...
  206. On Prayer
  207. Procrastination
  208. An exwitch's view
  209. Good Friday
  210. Can one "sense" when they are falling away from the faith?
  211. J. Flavel - 'What It is to Keep the Heart' Prov. 4.23
  212. struggling with spectacular PS2, PC game
  213. Kelo Coming to Roost for the Church
  214. The Catholic Prayer
  215. Latecomer to the idea of a deified George Washington
  216. Military Chaplains told to NOT pray in name of Jesus
  217. TV show "The book of Daniel"
  218. A God-hating coworker changed Scripture in my cube.
  219. An attempt at writing
  220. "Spiritual Depression" by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  221. Monkfish Abbey is a church with a difference ...
  222. sign of times? Violation of First amendment?
  223. Be Perfect!
  224. What is the best book on Sanctification.
  225. Suicide?
  226. The Battle Hymn of the Christian Church
  227. Here is true character by a fine young man
  228. "The Lord told me..."
  229. criticism attacking worship
  230. Melancholy - How long can one go?
  231. Feeling Guilty
  232. Exorcism . . .
  233. The World We Live In
  234. Frank Peretti
  235. Puritan Board Annual EXTREME Fighting
  236. Rob Randall and "Deliverance"
  237. drunkenness
  238. Christian Yoga
  239. Disciples of Christ Elect Female Leader
  240. Taking Zoloft
  241. Idolatry
  242. I passionately hate this wishy-washy spirituality that has taken over the world.
  243. Being around cool loving people and still lonely
  244. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you
  245. Ethical Dilemna or Plain Ole Sin
  246. God approving polygamy
  247. Is it sinful and of the flesh to drive one mile over the speed limit?
  248. Looks like..... ? What is this ?
  249. Purple Haze
  250. What Holds me Back?