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  1. The Authorized Version is more Literal than I thought.
  2. Why do we not have a different kind of Byzantine Translation?
  3. Another Bible question, Westminster Calf skin
  4. Reformation Heritage KJV
  5. NASB Acts 5:33
  6. High End Bibles
  7. Requesting basic manuscript information
  8. Text Tradition of New Testaments
  9. Quality of the NASB?
  10. NIV Case for Christ study bible?
  11. Why should I use the KJV?
  12. Spanish Bible Translation
  13. Poor English Style in Bible Translations
  14. De Moor Comments on the Use and Abuse of the Samaritan Pentateuch
  15. What are the Words of Institution in your church?
  16. 'To' or 'By' in 2 Peter 1:3?
  17. Mark 7:19 (NIV) (In saying this, Jesus declared all foods "clean.") ??
  18. Best place to obtain cheap, yet quality NASB?
  19. I need some advice, and possibly help.
  20. For Allah so loved the world?
  21. Scribe editing location names
  22. Help with Hebrews 2:6-8 and Psalm 8:4-6
  23. New King James Or NIV?
  24. Our Father which art in heaven
  25. Psalm 96:10
  26. De Moor on the History of the Masoretic Text and the Kethibh and Qere
  27. Beeke Reformation Study Bible on Android
  28. Prophets or Chronicles?
  29. Bible Translation Sales
  30. Dr. James White would not preach on these texts!?
  31. What is your favourite (main) Bible translation
  32. Constitutional history of the critical text in Presbyterianism
  33. How Good is the NRSV?
  34. A little help from the Greek scholars, please
  35. An Interesting Word Study
  36. Verse differences
  37. Free NKJV Bible at Olive Tree
  38. KJV Today
  39. Question for those with manuscript convictions.
  40. Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible in Pre-Sale
  41. Equivalents of KJV Onlyism in other languages?
  42. Where can I find a reasonably priced copy of the Louis Segond French Bible?
  43. Complete Interview between Dr James White and KJV Only Pastor Steven Anderson
  44. are The Scriptures Infallible or innerant, Letis has his say.
  45. Ylt?
  46. Why side with the KJV
  47. Promo Video For the Reformed KJV Study Bible
  48. Wondering what effect if any a publisher has on a translation?
  49. Good cheap french bibles?
  50. Reader's Edition of ESV - What about KJV?
  51. Bible Version Runoff: KJV vs. ESV
  52. Which Bible Version do you Prefer?
  53. Sinaiticus and Vaticanus Fonts
  54. Received a Schuyler ESV (with Creeds and Confessions)
  55. Modern English Version
  56. Why do people like The Message?
  57. Out of Egypt I have called my Son.
  58. Genesis 4:3 - why not use the literal?
  59. Colossians 2:17?
  60. Geneva Bible & KJV
  61. 1 Cor. 6:11
  62. Geneva Bible in Bonded Leather on Sale
  63. Handing out Bibles without the complete canon?
  64. New World Order Bible Versions movie
  65. Study Bibles and Reading Bibles
  66. How did the Bible come to be?
  67. Reformation Study Bible To Be Revised
  68. Tetragrammaton (definition)
  69. Question on 1 Chronicles 20:3 in NASB
  70. New Details on Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible, Due Fall 2014!
  71. The Translation of Acts 16.34b
  72. Chick Tracts contribution to Textual Issues
  73. The New Matthew Bible
  74. What do you think of this translation chart? Biased?
  75. a TR ESV with "missing" verses restored. Thoughts?
  76. Bible "scholars" do not believe in the Bible?
  77. -
  78. Highlights from Scrivener's Introduction to Criticism of the New Testament
  79. ESV Audio download
  80. KJV and Exo 39:33
  81. Why you love the KJV/NKJV
  82. First Edition Luther NT leaf - Cool Christmas Present
  83. HCSB footnotes: are they necessary for proper understanding of the text?
  84. Luke 2:14
  85. Question on Luke 1:37
  86. Sinaiticus is corrupt?
  87. Question about the doctrinal results of different text types
  88. Letis on Inerrancy, and Warfield
  89. How much does it matter how and who translated our Bibles?
  90. Dan Wallace and the new manuscript find?
  91. Theodore Beza as Text Critic, by Ted Letis
  92. Question why the deletion of these words in the KJV?
  93. List of texts where thee, thou, thy v ye,you your distinction is significant
  94. Question about Proverbs 16:25
  95. Not KJVO, KJVP.
  96. ESV Study Bible in Allan Binding
  97. Question regarding the Census of Quirinius
  98. Amplified Bible
  99. The NKJV symbol question?
  100. KJV vs. NKJV
  101. Deconstructing the golden narrative
  102. Psalter Translation
  103. ESV and HCSB
  104. The word "Allah" for muslims only!
  105. Bible translation of post-Cromwell Puritans?
  106. ESV Reformation Study Bible (2nd Edition)
  107. New ESV Transformation Bible Released 10/1/13
  108. The KJV and Romans 5:18
  109. An interesting encounter with a Jehovah Winess
  110. MODERN Greek translation
  111. Why the different names in the old to new testament's?
  112. Spurgeon on Textual Criticism
  113. Why Did Pastors Discard the KJV?
  114. Question about Easter.
  115. New TR Translation
  116. Why Codex Sinaiticus is so important
  117. Which Bible translations are considered the best?
  118. Hebrew text had "vowels" - John Gill
  119. Do you think it is possible The Lord did not preserve portions of scripture
  120. Different Understanding of Christianity Based on Language?
  121. Are there any doctrinal differences between any of the main Bible translations?
  122. Vulgate - a source of errors in RCC teaching
  123. Schuyler KJV images
  124. Thompson Chain Reference Bible arrived today
  125. Font size of UBS Greek NT Reader
  126. Free Poythress ebook: Inerrancy and the Gospels [re harmonization]
  127. "UBS Greek New Testament" sale at Crossway until 4/22/13...
  128. The Greek-English New Testament: Nestle-Aland 28th Edition and ESV
  129. ASV 1901 Worth A Stand Alone Copy ?
  130. Trinitarian Bible Society Westminster Reference Bible 200,000+ Cross References
  131. Forthcoming Holman NKJV larger print editions
  132. April Bible Sales Stats
  133. Greek question
  134. Is HCSB simply a more masculine version of the NIV?
  135. NIV 2011 Good or Bad
  136. Can one be "truly" reformed and not use ESV?
  137. Bible broken into books
  138. Which more literal: ESV or NASB?
  139. Septuagint
  140. Places where NT authors didn't rely on LXX?
  141. The Bible - Is it 100% the Word of God or it "has" the Word of God?
  142. Booz & Jeremy
  143. The Queen James Version. Yes I'm serious
  144. Modern Textual Criticism: Is it Reliable? Video 5
  145. Best selling Bible in English
  146. Upcoming Schuyler KJV according to evangelicalbible.com
  147. Easter, Titus 2:13, & Romans 8:26 in the AV
  148. The Knox Translation
  149. Debate Between James White and Jack Moorman
  150. Virtual KJV Onlyism
  151. Joel Beeke: King James Version Study Bible
  152. Torah contradicts our first 5 books of OT?
  153. Textual Criticism for idiots
  154. New video from James White regarding Nestle-Aland 28th edition
  155. Question for TR Preferred
  156. Modern Textual Criticism: Is it Reliable? Video 4
  157. The Assertion that Jesus was Married
  158. An Odd Question about WCF 7.4
  159. Lexham English Bible for Kindle
  160. Modern Textual Criticism: Is it Reliable? Video 3
  161. AV Bible with the Westminster Standards
  162. Why do Reformers like the King James version rather than go back to the Geneva Bible?
  163. Should We Say Preferred?
  164. Modern Textual Criticism: Is it Reliable?
  165. An interesting discovery...
  166. Majority Text VS Received Text
  167. Dr. Williams criticizes Dr. Erhman, provides new evidence.
  168. New Testament Manuscripts
  169. A Video Response to Dr. White
  170. Romans 4
  171. Bible translation in light of the Confessions
  172. Preparing for Ehrman
  173. Stumbled across this video today...
  174. All these translations...
  175. ASV 1901 and the Greek and throw in some GoatSkin
  176. προσεκληρώθησαν in Acts 17:4, Is it passive?
  177. Translation of Ezekiel 28:14-16 question.
  178. At what point does a translation become a paraphrase?
  179. Holman Christian Standard Bible
  180. Shift in New Testament Textual Criticism?
  181. John 6:39
  182. This KJVO article has ruined the ESV for me :-(
  183. When the OT is quoted in the NT, is it from the Septuagint?
  184. Wycliffe Bible translators & Muslims
  185. Buying a Geneva Bible
  186. NASB or ESV?
  187. Limited Inspiration
  188. Jude 7 HCSB
  189. Oh come on! Yet another new translation!?
  190. charitoˇ Ephisians 1:6 Luke 1:28
  191. Luke 1:15 in the ESV ?
  192. Trying to understand the NKJV manuscript notes when it refers to NU (Critical Text)
  193. Cambridge or Oxford King James Bible?
  194. Bunyan and the scholar
  195. Update on the WRB
  196. The KJV Study Bible for Personal and Family Worship
  197. Vulgate translations that support Roman teaching
  198. Textual Criticism/ Manuscript questions
  199. Served "more" than the Creator or "rather"?
  200. Far Above All Bible Translation of RP 2005 Byzantine Edition
  201. Message on Mark 16:9-20
  202. ESV Single Column Legacy Bible
  203. Nkjv??
  204. Muslim friendly bibles
  205. Calling all experts: Textus Receptus vs. Critical Text
  206. Matthew 7:13-14: Which translation has the proper rendering?
  207. Revisiting the CEB Translation
  208. KJV versus NAS
  209. The hypothetical new manuscript question
  210. Maurice Robinson and the Byzantine Priority Theory
  211. Romans 5:18 - Is the "free gift" in the original?
  212. Readable vs "Modern Speech"
  213. John 14:6- "the Light"?
  214. CEB - Harass vs. Persecute
  215. Mark 16:9-20
  216. Cambridge proves that coveting of the physical Bible is possible...
  217. Any REB Fans?
  218. Reina-Valera 1960
  219. AV and 1650 Psalter Translations of some Psalms, John Brown's note
  220. Those who read the NIV arn't saved?
  221. Did something interesting yesterday....
  222. The ESV has been change again, 2011
  223. Articles About NIV 2011
  224. Help me compile a list of ISBN's for the old NASB
  225. Why NOT the KJV?
  226. Only Perfect Translation?
  227. The message on Romans 9
  228. John 1:34 - NIV 2011
  229. How can I source an older version of the NASV?
  230. Recommended Audio Presentation of the Bible?
  231. Translation Style Resources
  232. "Hell" in KJV Old Testament
  233. KJV & ESV (or another trans.)
  234. The King James Bible - The History of English
  235. Simple explanation of the textual debate
  236. Ben Shaw's posts on the KJV
  237. Inscription
  238. The Puritan's Geneva Bible
  239. Question for Byzantine Text Users
  240. Worthwhile Audio Lecture On the KJV
  241. Google Makes the Dead Sea Scrolls Searchable and Interactive
  242. Trinitarian Bible Society commerative conference in Grand Rapids Oct 4.
  243. News about the new reference Bible from TBS
  244. Children of KJV-preferring parents
  245. Weird KJV Grammar
  246. Decided to go with KJV
  247. Good Book On the Age of the Byzantine Text
  248. Just the New Testament
  249. "The New, New Testament" -- have you seen this yet?
  250. Why No Parenthesis in Acts 1:18-19?