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  1. Charismatics and the Word of God by Victor Budgen
  2. Airtight Biblical argument against continuing extra-Biblical revelation?
  3. Per Filium
  4. Led By The Holy Spirit
  5. Homoousios or Homoiousios?
  6. Do all have Spiritual Gifts?
  7. Charismatic - a question of definition.
  8. Activities of the Holy Spirit?
  9. Prophet - Correct Me If I'm Wrong
  10. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones criticism of Cessationist Argument in 1 Corinthinans 13
  11. Miracles, Providence, and Healing
  12. Holy Spirit needed for beautiful art?
  13. What does it mean to proceed?
  14. How to counter a Charasmatic Interpretation of Acts 19
  15. how does one experience the power of the Holy Spirit?
  16. Continuing revalation from the Spirit.
  17. Common Grace or "Common Grace"
  18. Secondary Baptism of HS in Historical Theology
  19. Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  20. Hearing God in Meditation
  21. John Owen's Teaching on Pastoral Prayer
  22. Charismania
  23. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit by Sinclair Ferguson: A Review
  24. The Holy Spirit in the earthly life of Christ
  25. The Anointing of the Holy Spirit on the Ministers of God's Word
  26. Filioque and the Trinity
  27. The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Conception of Jesus
  28. Gordon Fee's "Spirit vs. Torah?"
  29. Are we to pray against God's plan?
  30. when did the gift of tongues end?
  31. Helpful book on the Holy Spirit (Mr. Packer)
  32. Song: "There is a Redeemer" = bad Pneumatology?
  33. Cerebral vs. Experiential Knowledge of the Holy Spirit
  34. How do we explain apparent use of gifts today?
  35. Brief reflection on Pentecostal Ecumenics and Pneumatological developments
  36. Spirit of Laughter??
  37. Puritan Word for "Charistmatic"
  38. Divine revelation, real or made up in my head?
  39. Why Cessationism Is Actually a Good Thing
  40. Prophets, false prophets, and prudence -- an argument regarding continuationism
  41. Cessationists
  42. Conference on Holy Spirit (audio Dr. Michael Haykin)
  43. Heresy behind Azusa Street "revival"
  44. The Cessation of Special Revelation: Concluding Commendation, Caution, & Exhortation
  45. Atheism and Speaking in Tongues
  46. Which Books on the Holy Spirit are Best?
  47. Does the Spirit Make You Born Again After you are a believer or before
  48. How Does a Cessationist Interpret 1 Corinthians 13:8-13 and Revelation 11:3-13?
  49. Tongues in the Reformed community
  50. Objections to the Cessation of NT Prophecy and Tongues Answered, Part 1
  51. Do we react to a caricature of pentecostalism and the charismatic movement?
  52. Are You A Cessationist?
  53. Can I have testimonies of PBrs who've gone from Charismatic Chaos to Reformed faith?
  54. A Humble Argument for the Cessation of NT Prophecy and Tongues, Part 8
  55. A Humble Argument for the Cessation of NT Prophecy and Tongues, Part 7
  56. "Old" vs "New" Calvinism: An Open Letter to Mark Driscoll
  57. How do you Explain Dreams?
  58. A Humble Argument for the Cessation of NT Prophecy and Tongues, Part 6
  59. John Piper Responds to Wilkerson "Prophecy"
  60. So was S Rutherford( helped draw up Westm. Standards) Reformed ?
  61. A Humble Argument for the Cessation of NT Prophecy and Tongues, Part 5
  62. A Humble Argument for the Cessation of NT Prophecy and Tongues, Part 4
  63. The Faults with Pentecostal/Charismatic Doctrine and Practice
  64. A Humble Argument for the Cessation of NT Prophecy and Tongues, Part 3
  65. The Cessation of Special Revelation, Part 2
  66. What I Have Come To Believe About Tongues and The Gifts Of The Spirit
  67. A Humble Argument for the Cessation of NT Prophecy and Tongues
  68. Brief argument(s) for cessationism?
  69. Have the Holy Spirit's gifts ceased? Cessationism vs Continuationism
  70. Kline and procession
  71. I am so confused about terminology here (continuist, cess)
  72. Is Moderate Cessationism confessional?
  73. Tongues and the Demonic
  74. Tongues as a private prayer language
  75. Needed: Good lay-level continuationist statement on the place of tongues in worship
  76. confessional and biblical arguments
  77. You're Invited to a Winter Theological Module on the Holy Spirit
  78. The Holy Spirit Old Testament v. New Testament
  79. How does a non-cessationist argue for a closed Cannon?
  80. Witness of the Spirit that we are born of God...
  81. Leading of the Holy Spirit?
  82. Knowing the Holy Spirit
  83. Case from Scripture for Cessationism
  84. Holy Laughter.
  85. Spiritual gifts pertaining to women?
  86. Jesus & the Gift of Tongues/Intrepreting Tongues
  87. The Holy Spirit's role in evangelism and missions
  88. Romans 8 - the chapter of the Holy Spirit
  89. Any studies on the holy spirit?
  90. Interpretation... what's the role of the Holy Spirit?
  91. The Faith Healers
  92. Reformed view of 1 Cor. 12-14?
  93. Charismatic Movement still on the rise
  94. Cessationism implicit not explicit so...
  95. Having difficulty understanding spiritual gifts
  96. Charismatic and Pentecostal...is there a difference
  97. Benny Hinn: is he in a serious error or a heretic?
  98. Conversion Experience and the Reformed Faith
  99. Why was Lucifer created?
  100. Inner Testimony of the Spirit
  101. Direction of life by the Spirit?
  102. Qualifications of an Apostle
  103. Speaking in Tongues Debate
  104. Cessationism
  105. Poythress on "modern spiritual gifts"
  106. Missionaries & speaking in tongues
  107. Major Periods or Seasons of Miracles
  108. Orthodoxy and the Trinity (filioque)
  109. Polemics against Charismatics
  110. R.C. Sproul group study?
  111. The Holy Spirit, Consubstantial with the Father
  112. Dispensationalists and the Holy Spirit
  113. What do Reformed minds say about Regeneration?
  114. Saul and the Holy Spirit
  115. On another board, cessationism (how would you respond?)
  116. Demons
  117. The Feeling of Salvation
  118. Indwelling of the Holy Spirit in believers...
  119. What kind of Charismatic/neo-pentecostal background did you come from?
  120. Jonathan Edwards on prophecy
  121. What Do We Mean by "Charismatic"?
  122. challenge for cessationist
  123. Have we become numb to miracles because of WOF and other similars?
  124. Luther, The Covananters, and Spurgeon, Charismatics?
  125. Prayer Language
  126. The Holy Spirit, Regeneration, and Sanctification
  127. How Well Do you know the person and work of the Holy Spirit?
  128. God's presence
  129. Healing Prayer? is this real??
  130. prophetic love
  131. were the prophets inerrant? (and ramifications to biblical i
  132. Christian Mysticism
  133. modern prophets
  134. Were the some of Reformers charismatics?
  135. full cessationalism is not biblical
  136. Another Prophet thread
  137. The presence of the HS
  138. Slain in the spirit?
  139. NT prophet infallible?
  140. OT prophets infallible
  141. indwelling in OT and NT
  142. Grudem, apologist for the vineyard/thirdwave movement?
  143. tongues speaking during a worship service
  144. Cessationist or no? Why?#2
  145. "Charismatic" Calvinists?
  146. Baptism of the Spirit: Twice, Once, or Never?
  147. Baptism of the Holy Spirit - A separate event?
  148. My experiences in Charismatic phenomena