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  1. Did God create everything as if was billions of years old?
  2. Dr. Hovind charged with mail fraud
  3. Frederick Douglass vs evolution from apes
  4. The ancients thought the world was like a snow-globe
  5. Doctrine of Signatures
  6. Unlikely apologist for intelligent design
  7. Six Day Creation Resources Exegetical Perspective
  8. Beauty of the Stars
  9. Peter Enns
  10. Creation, Evolution and the Hindenburg Disaster
  11. Flood - Fresh/Saltwater fish
  12. Jenson on Survival of the Fittest
  13. Split Thread: Evidence not Criterion of Truth and Scientific Facts
  14. Question about how God created
  15. James C. Maxwell on Science and Scripture
  16. Question About Genesis 1
  17. This Genesis issue caused me problems.
  18. Lightning Storm
  19. More dino soft tissue found-skin and feathers
  20. Science as a Human Construct, Truth, Realism, and Relativism
  21. Geocentrism?
  22. Biblical Hermeneutics and Genesis 1-3
  23. Is Starlight real?
  24. The Curse of God on the Earth/Cosmos and the Age of the Earth/Cosmos
  25. Conference on Young Earth Creationism and Presuppositionalism
  26. C. Jack Collins
  27. What is your view on creation?
  28. How accurate is Ussher's OT and NT chronology?
  29. CRC and Theological Implications of Evolution
  30. Is the Universe Infinite? Or is only God Infinite?
  31. Theistic view of humanity vs. evolutionary/atheistic worldview
  32. Hierarchy of nature
  33. PCRT Conference to address historicity of Adam
  34. Women are the indirect/derivative image of God?
  35. Water and ice pretty much everywhere
  36. Video: take a trip through the known universe
  37. If could only pick one book on creation?
  38. Gap Theory/Fall of Satan books?
  39. Creation books by Henry Morris
  40. primordial dust mystery; 27 years not millions
  41. 3rd and 4th Days (Genesis 1)
  42. Non-intelligent extra-terrestrial life
  43. NASA video, Earth from Space, "Walking on Air"
  44. magical yard
  45. Global Warming Confirmed
  46. Age of the Earth - Light Years
  47. What is natural revelation, exactly, and how does it works?
  48. Thinking About Evolution
  49. Speed of light error by scientists
  50. Traducianism or Creationism?
  51. Geography of the ancient world
  52. Monkey and human DNA 98% the same
  53. Life on other planets
  54. Frankincense, Boswellia sacra
  55. Pre-Noahic civilizations
  56. Why do we assume God?
  57. Adam's dead skin cells
  58. PCA Symposium/historicity of Adam
  59. Heliamphora tatei, with both brains and beauty
  60. Odontophorus marlothii, the scorpion plant
  61. Faster than speed of light?
  62. Mytrophyllum sheds its skin
  63. Ken Ham's Let There Be Light Conference on Saturday
  64. We just "interrupted" two brown bats
  65. John Calvin On God's Power Over Creation
  66. The voracious Pinguicula
  67. 19th Century Presbyterian views on nature and stewardship of creation
  68. Updates on Rev. Ron Choong?
  69. Apparent Age & Dating Methods
  70. Greenville Seminary Summer Institute - Creation - Free Webinar Tonight (8/1)
  71. What is Natural Revelation?
  72. Old Creationism and a Regional Flood
  73. Argument against Apparent Age
  74. The startling Cobra Lily
  75. Spider web mimic
  76. Gorgeous Sunset Last Night! - Ps. 19:1
  77. Haworthia truncata, crystal mimic
  78. Books on Chritian Enviromental Stewardship?
  79. Ken Ham agrees with the atheists
  80. THe UMC church and Science
  81. Help With Understanding the Big Bang Theory?
  82. Amazing Ants
  83. Stenocactus mulitcostatus
  84. Eriosyce chilensis var. albiflora
  85. Name That Moth
  86. Eriosyce napina var. Tenebrinca
  87. scientific revolution, historiography and witchcraft
  88. Job and the Dinosaurs
  89. Odontophorus marlothii
  90. 'The Genesis Flood' 50 Years On
  91. Robert Gupta: Music is medicine, music is sanity [TED Talk]
  92. Sufficiency of Scripture, Christian Liberty, and the Culture Wars
  93. book recommendations?
  94. Energy of God
  95. A Requiem for Friendship by Anthony Esolen
  96. Excellent Article On Christian Burial
  97. Moonshot
  98. Lunar Eclipse--tonite
  99. Soft tissue found in dinosaur bones
  100. Deer Slayin' (not to be confused with deer sleighin')
  101. Photos: Hiking to the HOLLYWOOD sign today
  102. Morris Kline versus Augustine
  103. YEC -- how reconcile 6000 year age with "open" genealogies?
  104. The exploited Huernia hystrix
  105. Marveling at His Creation
  106. Spiritual principles and the fall of man
  107. Whoa.We've been duped? Warfield not an evolutionist?
  108. Duvalia caespitosa, a triumph of evolution
  109. Cruise Liner in Heavy Seas
  110. DNA’s Dirty Little Secret [Forensic Science is not infallble by a long shot!]
  111. Wes White Has More Info on Ron Choong and Theistic Evolution in Metro NY and Redeemer
  112. Implications of the Framework View
  113. Theistic Evolution Openly Taught in Metro New York Presbytery
  114. Plato and scripture compatible in physical world?
  115. Feed me!!!!!!!
  116. Huernia thudichumii
  117. Answers in Genesis responds to Modern Reformation Magazine
  118. Les fleurs du mal
  119. The mysterious Ophthalmophyllum friedrichiae
  120. Large Brown Moth
  121. Darth Vader
  122. Largest Star Discovered
  123. Pretty flower scary teeth!!
  124. the Oil Spill
  125. Heurnia stapelioides
  126. Turbinocarpus rinconensis
  127. Gods creation and spiritual principles
  128. Echinocereus viereckii
  129. What rule of logic is this referencing?--UPDATE: found it.
  130. God's justice is like great mountains.
  131. Searching for old creation thread
  132. Good dinosaur books
  133. Piper and Keller on Creationism. A Couple Interesting Audio Clips
  134. Bee sherbert
  135. Starfish flower
  136. Artificial LIfe
  137. Quick question.
  138. Question about Age of the Earth
  139. A pineapple or another application of Rom 11?
  140. Human movement professionals
  141. Diet and nutrition
  142. Natural Law, 2K, and then some.
  143. The destroyer
  144. Bird Lovers
  145. A New Appreciation for Roses
  146. Bruce Waltke on Evolution
  147. A Puzzler: Where are the Earth-like solar systems?
  148. Ryken on evolution
  149. Animals and Burial
  150. Views On Creationism...
  151. Yec?
  152. Rafting trip through the Grand Canyon
  153. Brain cactus
  154. Young Earth science
  155. puritans view of creation?
  156. Candy cane flower
  157. young earth creationists- do I want to go to this?
  158. More Climate Climbdowns
  159. "The Legacy of Climategate"
  160. Creating the earth in 7 days..
  161. From Space.com: "Water Shield May Have Seeded Earth's Oceans"
  162. Scientist worries about failure to find Higgs Boson Particle
  163. Funny clouds
  164. Fossil faith
  165. Grafting
  166. Why didn't the descendants of Adam and Eve have genetic defects?
  167. Were Angels Created In The Image of God?
  168. The "Common Sense" of Thanksgiving
  169. PCA and Creation
  170. Why do animals die?
  171. The Nature of the Pre-Fall World and The Curse
  172. Boundaries For Orthodox Discussion Concerning Theistic Evolution
  173. Science on the Age of the Earth
  174. Book on the defense of the young earth ?
  175. Which is central, the Sun or the Earth?
  176. Hoodia
  177. Darwin's miniatures
  178. Question about natural revelation
  179. "Gap Theory" revisited
  180. Magical Numbers
  181. Nature red in tooth and claw
  182. Supposed wrong translation of "created" in Genesis 1:1
  183. New, super-massive ring found around Saturn.
  184. Regicide: The queens must die
  185. Let's clos'er up folks. Oldest pre-human revealed
  186. Answering Theistic Evolution
  187. Can someone tell me what pepper this is?
  188. Placebos are getting more effective and researchers are desperate to know why...
  189. Adam: Personal name and/or "Mankind"
  190. 'New' Critters Found in PNG
  191. Incredible caterpillar from my garden
  192. Down in the river to pray
  193. First ever close up view of a molecule
  194. Creationist zoo under attack from humanist "freethinkers"
  195. Eyeless Creature Discovered in Undersea Tunnel
  196. Marsh Pitchers
  197. Storm and its aftermath
  198. Monarch Butterfly
  199. Global Warmism has moved beyond satire
  200. What is space and time?
  201. Ran into a Moose today while fishing.... Cool Pics
  202. Age of the Universe
  203. Astronauts Photograph Volcanic Eruption From Orbit.
  204. Modified Gap Theory
  205. Cloud Swirl
  206. the big bang theory?
  207. The Sideways Tornado
  208. Kewl Lookin' Moth
  209. The last embrace
  210. Awe inducing clouds!! made me long for Christ to come all the more.
  211. Ants!
  212. Bullfrogs
  213. Giant honey bees/Parasitic Wasps
  214. A strange partnership
  215. The first day of a bee
  216. Pluerothallis schiedie the trickster
  217. The lowly Bladderwort, speed king.
  218. "Why Ida fossil is not the missing link"
  219. "Scientists Unveil Missing Link In Evolution" - May 20, 2009
  220. The Shad Cam
  221. Eagle Cam from our neck of the woods
  222. A Butterfly
  223. Yay! The first firefly is here!
  224. Ant: Retrieving Their Dead
  225. Wild Violets-Macrophotography
  226. Blue, Blue Everywhere
  227. Don't Mess with A Buff Calf
  228. Apollo 14 Astronaut: Space Aliens Are Real
  229. What do you think about global warming?
  230. Earthrise and Earthset
  231. For those who collect quotes
  232. Passover and renewal
  233. Amazing Creatures
  234. JD Wiseman....
  235. Kills With One Bite (Komodo Dragon)
  236. Why Women Are Leaving Men for Other Women
  237. Pollinating the Almonds
  238. Our Leopard Gecko moulting
  239. Chinchillas
  240. Global Warming
  241. Nature and Theology
  242. Nature Journal. New find! Prehistoric fish invented sex 380 million years ago!!!
  243. Darwin & The Naked Apes / Children of Evolution
  244. Pressuppositions of the Environmentalist Movement and its logical end.
  245. But the world is no more than 6000 years old
  246. The mysterious Mandrake
  247. A Special Visitor!!
  248. The Greatest Destruction Possible
  249. close-up photographs of snowflakes reveal their intricate patterns
  250. Harvesting the Eucalyptus