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  1. Baptism in the name of Jesus
  2. A problem with denying the validity of RC baptism
  3. Titus 3 v 5 ?
  4. Question from a friend about a baptist joining the Catholic church
  5. Witsius and CoG
  6. Old School Presbyterians vs PCI on Romish baptism
  7. I dont believe in water baptism
  8. Paedo Children Called Heathens and Tax Collectors?
  9. Status of children
  10. Baptism Question
  11. Wayne Grudem and the children of believers
  12. Infant baptism v. Christening
  13. Poll: Changes in Baptismal Convictions
  14. Your baptism
  15. Infant Baptism
  16. the Pope, on baptizing aliens.....
  17. Reverend Ian Brown (Londonderry & Now Belfast)
  18. Jeremiah 31:31-34 & Infant Baptism
  19. United Methodists & Re-Baptism
  20. Can a church practice both paedo/credobaptism?
  21. Question about mode
  22. Infant baptism seeking to understand
  23. Stephen Marshall's defense of padeobaptism
  24. Ted Donnelly's series on baptism
  25. Does baptism replace circumcision?
  26. Thomas Houston on baptism in John Calvin's Institutes
  27. Baptism and the Regulative principle
  28. Conviction vs. Providence
  29. The Efficacy of Baptism?
  30. Kuyper & Presumptive Regeneration
  31. Ursinus Heidelberg commentary mentions cattle baptism
  32. Baptizing heads of state
  33. Renting your church for another congregation to use the baptistry...
  34. Question for Paedo-Baptism pastors.
  35. Baptism Questions Posed.
  36. Cornelius Burges' view of baptismal regeneration
  37. Relationship between Paedo/Credo
  38. Dabney on "judicial prosecution" of non-communicant members
  39. "Let the little children come to me"
  40. Re-Baptism Turning Pastoral Dilemma into Teaching Opportunity
  41. ....for all shall know Me...
  42. The Extent of the Covenant in Genesis 17 and how it relates to New Testament Baptism
  43. A very sloppy debate on Padeo VS Credo
  44. How to have a civil discussion about baptism
  45. Zaccheus' salvation....reasoning for infant baptism...
  46. Baptismal beliefs and their role in church membership, leadership, ministry, and serv
  47. Infant Baptism and Immersion - some basic arguments for Presbyterian Model
  48. Baptism as distinction
  49. Does the Word "Baptizo" Require Immersion?
  50. Does Baptism Make You a Christian?
  51. Questions on Baptism: Testimonials and What should be said to those just baptized?
  52. The Intention, and Meaning and Planned obsolescence for the Household Principle
  53. Private Baptisms
  54. Reformed View of When Infants Receive The Holy Spirit
  55. Calvin's view on Baptism (and sacraments in general)...
  56. The Abrahamic Covenant is Also Physical in Nature in the New Testament
  57. Parental Apostasy
  58. Biblical Baptism Includes Infants
  59. Infant Baptism – some further thoughts
  60. Arguments for the Presbyterian mode of baptistm
  61. Infant Baptism
  62. We know baptism saves.....
  63. Baptism : not just symbolic
  64. Baptizing the child of a non-member
  65. What is the MAIN picture of baptism
  66. Validating sprinkling from Romans 6
  67. Dedication of Babies
  68. a "chapter" that was convincing to me regarding infant baptism
  69. Joseph Lathrop's book on infant baptism
  70. Methodist baptism
  71. Accept elders' view when confused about baptism?
  72. Covenant inclusion understood as default in the new-testament?
  73. When Does Baptism Become A Seal?
  74. Struggles From Credo to Paedo
  75. Infant Baptism?
  76. Different interpretation paths?
  77. Apostle Paul and Isaiah 52:15
  78. Communion must be served only to baptized believers?
  79. Baptism query
  80. sufficiency
  81. An Oddity in Ŕ Brakel
  82. Notes on Jewish Baptism - M'Crie
  83. Baptism as sign of covenant of grace
  84. The faith of third parties during baptism
  85. What is Baptism?
  86. Oikia vs Oikos--A Vaid Distinction?
  87. For He Will Sprinkle Many Nations: Why Sophia's Baptism Matters
  88. Unbelief vs. Nonbelief
  89. The New Covenant Clearly Replaced the Mosaic Covenant, Not the Abrahamic.
  90. ...sermon got me thinking about the mode of Baptism
  91. Baptism - My Journey
  92. ECF and Baptismal Regeneration
  93. #4 Dr. Wellum: At Its Inception The Mosaic Covenant Did Not Annul the Abrahamic Coven
  94. Credobaptist and Multiple Immersions
  95. baptism by immersion
  96. Westminster Directory on Baptism: Infants as 'Christians'
  97. Romans 8 and Romans 9 padeo and credo
  98. #3 Dr. Wellum: Were the OT Israelites Automatically "God's People"?
  99. Baptism in the New Testament
  100. Baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch.
  101. Baptism of the Philippian Jailer
  102. Would paedobaptism ever eliminate credobaptism?
  103. John MacArthur is Stirring Up the (Baptismal) Waters Again
  104. A Presbyterian and a Reformed Baptist discuss baptism
  105. Why I am Still a Baptist - Gonzales
  106. Baptism and History
  107. Logical Conclusion of Paedobaptism?
  108. Christs Baptism and Numbers 8
  109. Sprinkling and avoiding nudity
  110. The Baptism of Repentance, the Baptism of Jesus, the Baptism of Christians
  111. Baptism in the Early Church
  112. John 1:25 and Mode of Baptism
  113. How has your view of baptism changed?
  114. Matthew 18:5 - "Such Little Child"
  115. May a woman baptize?
  116. When the church you attend is baptistic, but you are paedobaptist
  117. yet another question on baptism
  118. Are Baptism and the Lord's Supper sacraments and "means of grace"?
  119. Baptism in the "name" of ...
  120. The Baptism of John
  121. Lifelong Presbyterian is now Baptist
  122. Bfm 2000-vii
  123. Baptists being mocked by being called Anabaptists
  124. "Rebaptism" of those who previously made a false profession
  125. Were the disciples baptized?
  126. Calvin's confidence in the status of covenant children
  127. What To Do When A Person Changes Views on Baptism but there Spouse Does Not.
  128. Credobaptist says infant baptism is valid... after conversion
  129. Baptism and "Conferring" of Promises
  130. Baptism and the supposed spirituality of the New Covenant
  131. What do Baptists do with Acts 16:33-34?
  132. "The Fatal Flaw of the Theology Behind Infant Baptism" by Jeffrey D. Johnson
  133. Partaking of the Means of Grace UNworthily
  134. Morton Smith's reference to PCUS 1965 declaration on immersion
  135. Confusing Calvin Quote
  136. Does the Lord's Supper have a higher standard of admission than Baptism?
  137. Reformed Credo-Baptist Denominations.
  138. Why I reject Immersion-Only Baptism
  139. infant baptism questions?
  140. baptist churches allowing pedobaptist into membership?
  141. The children being addressed in Ephesians 6:1
  142. Salvation apart from Baptism
  143. Romans 4:11?
  144. Quick history question
  145. Are baptized covenant children more likely to believe in Christ than non-baptized?
  146. How is the church to view their baptized infants?
  147. Baptism significance
  148. Puritans credo or paedo?
  149. James Dale's Theory of Baptizo and Baptism
  150. Office Hours: Word, Water and Spirit
  151. The baptism of my son Noah, and of small children in general
  152. The Nature of John's Baptism
  153. RC Sproul on baptism
  154. Baptism in the Patristic Age
  155. Early Baptismal Art
  156. Reformed (Non-Presbyterian) Books on Baptism
  157. Baptism and the 2 questions I have
  158. John Fesko's Book on Baptism
  159. Karl Barth on Infant Baptism
  160. Rodeo Baptisms...Were These Children Legitimately Baptized?
  161. Baptism of a Dying Infant
  162. Argument for Paedo and Credo-Baptism from the Nature of the New Covenant
  163. Circumcision and Baptism revisited
  164. Question on Dort and infant election
  165. Argument for Credo-Baptism from the Nature of the New Covenant
  166. Preliminary deliberations upon W Gary Crampton's book on Baptism
  167. Some Thoughts -- Any Response?
  168. Baptism from a historian's point of view
  169. Covenant Theologians Wrongly Reduce the Abrahamic Covenant To Only Spiritual Aspects
  170. What are the results?
  171. Article on Credobaptism in Early Church History
  172. Is presupmtive regeneration a legitimately Presbyterian point of view?
  173. In answer to posts on the Credo-baptist forum here
  174. Baptist position on baptism
  175. Dr. Gary Crampton's book on Baptism is available.
  176. Proper Pronunciation of Paedobaptist
  177. Musings on the Mode of Baptism
  178. Dialogue On the Book "Believer’s Baptism"
  179. Baptism and the stance
  180. What made me a Paedobaptist? The Nature of the New Covenant and Warnings.
  181. Infants dying in infancy
  182. Do baptized infants go to heaven? do unbaptized infants or adults go to hell?
  183. Baptists and the Promises
  184. Dilemma...
  185. Mikveh/Tevilah--Proof for Credobaptism?
  186. Sudden realization of paedo conversion!!
  187. A strong view of Baptism.
  188. Clearing up misconceptions about covenant baptism
  189. Edifying Sermon on Baptism
  190. Position Change: paedo to credo
  191. Doctrine of baptisms
  192. Credobaptist belief in only one baptism
  193. James White vs Bill Shishko on Baptism
  194. Child Disciples and Baptism
  195. Baptismal Responsibility
  196. one baptism question
  197. A general thread on baptism
  198. Once credo, now paedo?
  199. Feelings on paedobaptism
  200. You are Immersed into Christ
  201. Differences on Covenant Membership between Abrahamic and New Covenant.
  202. OT Baptism vs. NT Baptism
  203. Establishing Infant Baptism
  204. The "One Baptism" - countering Landmark claims
  205. PreChristian and Early Christian Souces for Mode of baptism
  206. Oikos Baptism - Lee Irons
  207. Is Roman Catholic baptism valid?
  208. Authoritative interpretation of Baptism in the 1689
  209. Baptism in the nude?
  210. The design of baptism
  211. Need Advice (From Both Sides) - Teaching on Baptism
  212. Calvin's Institutes 4.16.1-6
  213. Paedo vs Credo: Main point of contention?
  214. Romans 6:3-4: Water or Spiritual baptism?
  215. Calvin vs. Murray on Baptism
  216. FYI.. Found James Henly Thornwell's Sacramantal Sorcery online
  217. Galatians 3:29 and baptism
  218. It is Prerequisite that you must be re-baptized!
  219. Should Presbyterians ever immerse?
  220. Should Paedo churches allow Baptist members to not baptize infants?
  221. Were there any Reformed Credobaptist?
  222. Question for PCAers about Baptism
  223. Infants of believers dying in infancy
  224. Dealing with an over zealous Credobaptist
  225. Hospital Baptism - A Dying Wish
  226. Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  227. Synopsis: What About Baptism?
  228. Too Young for Baptism?
  229. Inconsistent approach to the Household Model of Baptism applied by Paedo-Baptists
  230. Did Jesus Baptize the twelve?
  231. From R.C. Sproul....
  232. New Book on the History of Baptism
  233. The Best Book on Baptism - Ever
  234. The Trinitarian Formula in Baptism
  235. paedobaptism & covenants
  236. Why is an Anabaptist a heretic and a Baptist not?
  237. Transitioning from Credo to Paedo
  238. Why Sprinkling? (and a random board ??)
  239. PCA BCO 56: Baptism (Can I baptize my child?)
  240. Can a Reformed Church hold on to both Believers Baptism and Infant Baptism?
  241. A plea for solid reflection on the meaning of baptism
  242. Historic Particular Baptists and Rebaptism
  243. Infant Baptism: History in Early Church
  244. John's Baptism?
  245. Reformed Baptists and the Land Promises
  246. Who can perform Baptism?
  247. 1689 and the Covenant
  248. Not Your Normal Baptism Thread
  249. Presbyterian attending Baptist Churches?
  250. Sprinkling vs Dunking