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  1. Science now supports the Reformed Baptist position
  2. Any farmers on this list?
  3. Anyone Bueller?
  4. General Assembly humor
  5. Relax everyone - Red Heifer has been born!
  6. 19th Century Weed-Whacking
  7. Commentary Fun...
  8. A question I cannot shake
  9. High pressure bankruptcy docket
  10. BaneCat - He's coming for you. . . Ruben.
  11. Hitler finds out he can't keep his doctor under ObamaCare
  12. Big dinner party
  13. Everyone is a theonomic libertarian on...
  14. Was Samuel Rutherford a cockney?
  15. Best Commercial in the world!!! Puppy Love!
  16. Way too funny!!!
  17. Trip to the hospital
  18. The definative graphical comparison of bible translations
  19. Official 2014 Church Vision Statement Generator
  20. For those who need a laugh today
  21. Guess Who Project - templates for the "electronic version"
  22. Santa is Dead
  23. Merry Christmas
  24. Calvinistic Cartoons
  25. Babylon 5 - the best Sci-Fi series ever
  26. Doctor Who
  27. The christian Duck Dynasty??
  28. Looking for old "you might be preterist if" by P. Manata?
  29. "The Mentalist" Thread II *********Spoilers***************
  30. Australia Declares War On New Zealand
  31. 'Tis the Season...
  32. Mushroom joke [Sorry Brad!]
  33. Colour blindness
  34. Flemish portraits in the loo
  35. I'm Reliving My Childhood...
  36. Things children say
  37. LOL or Barfy?
  38. Found some Joel Osteen sermons the other day!
  39. Fellow "The Mentalist" buffs out there...."Who's Red John?"< possible spoilers>
  40. Does this make me a real Puritan, or just an idiot?
  41. A funny thing happened today.
  42. What do you guys think of my new wireless handheld?
  43. It's Not About the Nail...
  44. What to do with a UXB? Wash it in the kitchen sink!
  45. St. Patrick's Poor Analogies
  46. Say No to Gnomes
  47. Alvin Plantinga interviewed by news agency about his A/C unit.
  48. Puritan Board members not permitted to use American English any more
  49. K-Love Switches to Exclusive a Cappella Psalmody
  50. Stop me if you've heard this one...
  51. Favorite video game?
  52. How the Passover would be reported by today's media...
  53. Keynes v Hayek
  54. Cockadoodle-doo!
  55. "Wicked," the musical
  56. Bunch of Smiling Pinko Pansies!
  57. How to Avoid Huge Ships
  58. Monk
  59. Puritan Valentine's Day Cards
  60. 17th Century NE Puritan Valentine Card
  61. Invisible Drive Thru Prank
  62. The real difference switching from KJV to ESV makes
  63. Playdohbaptists
  64. Discipline at a Puritan School
  65. War of Reformation Game??
  66. Arminian Christmas Present
  67. They're for real!
  68. The Hemloft
  69. Favorite Board Games 2012 Edition
  70. Tetzel's Pretzels
  71. Gourmet PBJs
  72. Presbyterian Prayers - Humor
  73. Pool Table
  74. Smile! :)
  75. Mind games
  76. How Many Squares Do You See?
  77. Important discovery!!
  78. The Blind Man's Blonde Joke
  79. Johann sebastian bach (1685-1750)
  80. Guy on a Buffalo
  81. The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca [A condensing of the hours in making a guitar]
  82. BACON vs. TULIP
  83. "Pittsburg Dad" visits a local church
  84. Atheist tells God he can make man...
  85. Machine Gun Preacher
  86. Funny search on the YouVersion app.
  87. Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: "Uncle Drew" [Youngsters these days...]
  88. Lumosity
  89. Darwin in the Fiction Category at Barnes & Noble
  90. Henri 2, Paw de Deux - The world through the eyes of a French Cat
  91. The Lord said, 'If you build me a treehouse, I'll see you never run out of material'.
  92. Craig Smith gave me permission to put his songs on Youtube.
  93. Awsome song by Edwin McCain against evolution.
  94. Be on your guard...
  95. Funniest ever! - History of World Accoring to Student Bloopers
  96. Which Emoticon Is Your Favorite?
  97. Music Contest :
  98. Fun with Luther
  99. Get insulted by Martin Luther
  100. BMX Bike Skills
  101. What is your favorite after shave?
  102. Why is it your favorite?
  103. Funny Video..But True
  104. A Very Brief Tale of Friendship
  105. Satellite Direct
  106. Pun Time!!
  107. Favorite Secular Movie
  108. The Canadian Space Program
  109. The Bark Side
  110. Hitler and Calvinism
  111. My favorite "Entertainment and Humor" thread on the Puritan Board
  112. Sunday's Coming - Contemporary Worship...
  113. I hope this is taken in good jest...
  114. Carnage (Spiderman Symbiote)
  115. Favourite Joke books or websites
  116. I forgot to post this again this year. Santa is Dead.
  117. Billy talks to his Pastor about God
  118. Address Is Approximate [Google Street View stop motion animation short]
  119. Favorite NOT-NERDY Board/Card Party Game
  120. Please add a word to the story, part deux
  121. Malaprops and other funnies for the grammar police
  122. I Should Be a Puritan Board Moderator!
  123. Shortwave listening in the US?
  124. Lutheran Satire: How to Start Your Own Cult
  125. Save a pretzel for the gas jets - Rick Perry video
  126. Is this a record - "Nine replies none of which addresses the original question"
  127. How Different Denominations See Each Other
  128. Favorite (Preferably Nerdy!) Board Games
  129. Two Hilarious Videos
  130. Half Life Universe (Including Portal/Portal 2)
  131. Which Christian art do you think has been the most influential?
  132. Pirates of the Caribbean theme on Piano--wow!
  133. Exciting Scientific Advance : New Element Discovered!
  134. Panhandler sign
  135. Peter Falk
  136. Talk about bearing the weight of responsibility.....
  137. Chess Challenge
  138. the Dark Side of the Farm
  139. "King Arthur" Movie
  140. Darth Kittious
  141. Jazz band with an ugly bass player...
  142. I like the boldly implied sense of evangelism
  143. Covenant Players
  144. Messing with Dispensationalists
  145. A little exegetical humor
  146. Bin Laden is in Hell
  147. Modernists
  148. This is what I did today.
  149. Funny Quote
  150. Breaking News
  151. Don't EVER Interrupt Me While I'm Readin'
  152. An absolutely 100% true shaggy dog story - how often does that happen?
  153. Future of Gaming ~ 2011 Console
  154. A bad omen for William and Kate?
  155. Turretin was Emergent
  156. The Burning Key
  157. Gmail Motion
  158. Here's one for Rich
  159. The Facebook CIA Project
  160. Sad News for the Entertainment world today. Elizabeth Taylor
  161. Funny Prank Call Left on My Study's Answering Machine.
  162. Leprechaun in Mobile
  163. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  164. W.w.o.d.
  165. Move over Steve Nash?
  166. George Mullerís Day Off
  167. Romantically Challenged
  168. The Mississippi Squirrel Revival
  169. Redneck Valentines Day poem
  170. Who was the first man?
  171. The Man Rules
  172. Problem with new speed signs in Georgia
  173. A sad comment on our times
  174. Grocery Store Wars
  175. VW's SB ad
  176. As I suspected, Benny Hinn is the Sith Lord
  177. Paraprosdokian sentences
  178. Is it me or...
  179. Which Narnia book do you think is the best? (and why)
  180. how does everyone rate the new Narnia movie?
  181. New Bible
  182. Facebook Question
  183. My Favorite HoHo Day Song!
  184. Interesting Bible Notes
  185. This'll Make your Knees go Weak...
  186. top 10 ways to protest Christmas at work
  187. A Shameless Plug for My New Humorous Book: Walking with the Mailman
  188. Ads You'll Never See Again...
  189. Biblical Warrant for Celebrating Easter?
  190. Anyone play Lord of the rings online?
  191. Call of Duty?
  192. An atheist in the woods
  193. The Twelve Days of a Large Family Christmas
  194. Men and shopping - an explanation
  195. A Reformed 12 Days of Christmas...ALMOST
  196. When David Heard - parts I and II - oh. my...
  197. The Virtual Choir - INCREDIBLE!!!
  198. Santa is Dead Picture and Testimony. It is that time of year again.... LOL
  199. Can You Find All 30?
  200. Grown Apart from Reformed Theology, Visiting Emrgent Church
  201. Hallelujah Chorus at the Food Court
  202. Adorable Telling of the Story of Jonah
  203. Handel's Messiah
  204. Vacationing in February: Cruises?
  205. The Semi-Pelagian Narrower Catechism
  206. Iphone Band
  207. The Heidleberg Catechism Rap. This is awesome
  208. I need humor (preacher-pastor- photo) links
  209. Gives new meaning to facial expression
  210. Jack Handey -- any fans?
  211. DTS' official hymn
  212. This one really made me laugh
  213. Confession From a Dummy
  214. Still a Conspiracy!
  215. Biblical Definitions
  216. Math Humor
  217. Union Hypocrisy. Hilarious.
  218. N. T. Wright Reads Humpty Dumpty
  219. New Fall Season TV
  220. This is pretty good. Food Fight.
  221. Great message in old Television programing
  222. This Guy is Inspirational!!
  223. What Joining the RPCNA is Like....
  224. Cocceius
  225. Steve Martin : "First Hymnal for Atheists"
  226. Can your dog do this?
  227. "A Typical Conversation With My Mom" Tales Of Mere Existence [youtube]
  228. Funny ad on Heidelblog
  229. Music: "Here's the Tender Coming" by the Unthanks
  230. Just Had a Great Laugh
  231. Remember the Good Old Days When Covenanters Would Fight With Presbyterians?
  232. Funny news video
  233. The Three (Reformed) Amigos!
  234. Get this doon yer piehole!
  235. Fantasy Premier Soccer League 2010/2011
  236. Funny Lloyd-Jones Quotation
  237. Audio book Advice/ favorite recent reads
  238. Next Governor of Tennessee?
  239. Top 10 Reasons the Reformed Theologian Did Not Cross the Road
  240. Dog screams Reuben's name!!
  241. New Spice | Study like a scholar, scholar [spoof]
  242. Calvinism vs. Arminianism
  243. Al Jazeera buy the Flintsones
  244. Spruce Deuece v1.2 Robot Drummer
  245. Comment on the Poster Above You
  246. Communion at Lakewood Church?
  247. The Dad Life
  248. Upcoming Camping Trip - Canoe seat?
  249. Daniel Craig as James Bond?
  250. Darth Vader may now be in your GPS.