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  1. Bavinck Philosophy of Revelation
  2. Thoughts about James K. A. Smith
  3. Did Warfield interact with Thomas Reid?
  4. Biblical View of Dualism/Monism
  5. Question about Natural Theology
  6. Rene Descartes' Doctrine of Providence in His Third Meditation
  7. Ethics Question
  8. Alternative readings of Modernity that question nominalism/realism stablishment
  9. Instantiations of convoluted transmissions of meaning
  10. Francis Hutcheson to James McCosh: Irish Presbyterians and the Scottish Philosophy
  11. How many books in the Enneads?
  12. Paul Ricoeur: Modern Day Huguenot Philosopher?
  13. Philosophical Arguments against Abortion
  14. Personal Identity not Normative
  15. Question about Natural Theology
  16. The problem with infinite regress
  17. Luther, Freewill and William Lane Craig
  18. Hegelianism
  19. Hegelianism and pantheism
  20. Could someone briefly explain Ayn Rand's philosophy; objectivism?
  21. John Stuart Mill
  22. Government under Judges (pol. phil.)
  23. Plato's Forms or Christian Eschatology?
  24. What is (ethical) activism to a Reformed Christian?
  25. Scientific Anti-Realism
  26. Answering Kantianism (and meaninglessness/nihilism/existentialism)
  27. Gordon Clark anecdote
  28. What are we made of?
  29. Transcendental Argument - Kant vs Van Til
  30. Self-Defense applied at an international political level--is it justified?
  31. Murray Rothbard's religious affiliation?
  32. Conversion story of Dr. Rosaria Butterfield, former gay activist.
  33. Middle Knowledge; a discussion from de Molina to William Lane Craig
  34. William Lane Craig and Trinity
  35. Is God above Logic?
  36. Ronald Nash's Philosophy/Apologetic
  37. I believe its called "monism"
  38. Truth value of claims about the Future
  39. Therapeutic Deism
  40. Nature of God: All-Good
  41. Does the universe have a purpose?
  42. Trinity solves the One and the Many?
  43. What effects will post-modernism have on the church in this and following generation?
  44. Is Creatio Ex Nihilo a misnomer?
  45. Proper definitions
  46. Discovering One's Presuppositions
  47. What Is It?
  48. Scottish Commonsense Realism
  49. Can faith only produce true opinion?
  50. How do we differentiate immaterial things?
  51. Essences and substances?
  52. Epistemology Class
  53. Good intro to Wittgenestein.
  54. Is someone with multiple personality disorder more than one person?*
  55. Is the ontological argument irrelevant?
  56. Argument against reincarnation
  57. Methodology in proving mind/body dualism
  58. Clarification on Dabney's Sensualistic Philosophy Thread
  59. The Trinity in Aristotelian terms
  60. What is a person?
  61. Contextualism, Common Sense and Worldview considerations
  62. Competing Language Games
  63. "One Way to God" by Mike Robinson
  64. Causailty and Uniformity Within The Ontological Trinity
  65. Difference between Existentialism and Post-Modernism
  66. Problems for Nominalism
  67. Facts aren't Facts
  68. The Idea of Progress
  69. "Family Resemblance"
  70. Modernism versus Postmodernism?
  71. Philosophy of Time
  72. Incredable article on post-postmodernism.
  73. Knight of Faith?
  74. Finding "Common sense" principles
  75. Derrida and Van Til compared and contrasted.
  76. Meno's paradox and Socrates' recollection
  77. Any other arguments for the existence of God?
  78. Need Clarification on premiss 3 of the Ontological Argument as exposed by Plantinga
  79. Unconditional love, does it exist?
  80. Are Christ's two natures divisible?
  81. Is Autonomous Thinking always sinful?
  82. Logic and Fallacies
  83. Morality and the Good
  84. Four arguments against the compromise solution called Theistic Evolution
  85. Dooyeweerd and WTS?
  86. Who is today's premier worldview thinker?
  87. Refomed Philosophy
  88. Postmodernism and Radical Orthodoxy
  89. Christian philosophy/philosophers
  90. Personal identity
  91. Kant's ethics - good will?
  92. Philosophy and Covenant Theology.
  93. Does real 'chance' exist?
  94. Hobbes - State of Nature
  95. The social contract and civil religion
  96. Stoicism
  97. Richard Carrier's Defense of Naturalism
  98. Question on Scholasticism and Nominalism
  99. Is Aristotle's argument good?
  100. Aristotle's Causation (Final Cause)
  101. Best Christian Philosophy Books
  102. Hobbesian Ethics and Covenantalism
  103. Eternally Immutable: Logic question?
  104. David Scott Clark on Philosophy
  105. Fundamentalism
  106. Wittgenstein's rule following paradox and Reformed view of Human's freedom to choose.
  107. Michael Butler, Science, Overton
  108. Freedom of Choice Question
  109. Philosophy of Science resources
  110. Consumer Ethics Question
  111. God is Love
  112. Ontological Argument
  113. Kant "idealist" or not?
  114. Hume on free action
  115. Why John Locke does not successfully explain general ideas
  116. Question on David Hume
  117. Christian resources on Philosophy
  118. Helpful Discussion of Clark/Van Til Controversy
  119. Evolution of Truth
  120. Decartes on Dreaming
  121. Where'd Augustine say this?
  122. A Response to C.S. Lewis's argument from reason
  123. Arguments for Ethical Relativism and Objections
  124. G.H.clark and transmission of information
  125. ''There is no such thing as a bare fact''
  126. Thoughts on Heidegger, Anyone?
  127. C.S. Lewis and Ptolemy
  128. Schaeffer's "How then should we live" - free online video?
  129. Anselm's definition of free will
  130. Scott Oliphint Lectures at MARS
  131. Allergic to worldview considerations
  132. Waiting for the Superman Who Will Never Arrive [Education Reform Doc]
  133. The appeal of a villain like Gordon Gekko to young men
  134. Question about Schaeffer
  135. Life-enhancing culture vs. life-debilitating culture [Rookmaaker and Rock and Roll]
  136. Edward Feser takes on Alvin Plantinga
  137. James K. A. Smith on culture.
  138. Barth and Van Til: a comparison-contrast
  139. Justification of a priori beliefs
  140. Causal Determinism and Human Responsibility
  141. Are we living in a postmodern world?
  142. Question for the PB philosophers. When to begin the study of philosophy?
  143. Place of Religion in the Liberal Philosophy [New Book, Dissertaiton under Hayek]
  144. Gender and knowledge?
  145. God as the basis for morality--is-ought fallacy?
  146. Plantinga Conference Videos
  147. Christianity and Anarchism: Compatible?
  148. Things that presuppose God's existence
  149. Need help with a scholarshiop topic.
  150. God does not sin because...
  151. Source: dum est, non potest non esse?
  152. Stephen Charnock on God's Existence
  153. I cannot find any objection to this argument yet
  154. Cosmological argument
  155. Question about John Locke's philosophy
  156. Those who deny morality
  157. Darwin and the search for an evolutionary mechanism [Putting Darwin in Context]
  158. Atheism and ethics.
  159. Collected Philosophy and Apologetics Audio/Video Links
  160. Need for postulating universals?
  161. Articles on a Christian view of Art?
  162. The Ship of Theseus
  163. The philosophy of Dooyweerd
  164. The myth of the secular
  165. Why the Great Books Aren't the Answer
  166. Noam Chomsky
  167. laws of logic
  168. John Frame Sent me this
  169. Atheist Sam Harris front and center on CNN
  170. Aboutness
  171. Presuppositionalist apologetics and quantum physics
  172. Greg Bahnsen on the Myth of Neutrality
  173. Is this a straw man?
  174. The Immaterial
  175. Everything that God does is good
  176. Animals being Personal?
  177. Ethics recommendation
  178. Utilitarianism in ethics
  179. The moral failure of reason!
  180. What exactly do we mean by "Autonomy"?
  181. Mary and a Bowling Ball
  182. Any truth in Psychological Egoism?
  183. Nazism a Worldview?
  184. Why Study Worldviews?
  185. If Some One asked.. (why does law have to presuppose God?)
  186. Recommended books to defend my faith with "the thinker"
  187. Justification of property rights
  188. Are there exceptions to Moral Absolutes?
  189. Free Will Vs Determinism
  190. Different forms of Utilitarianism
  191. Can atheists be thankful?
  192. Problem with Identity
  193. Philosophy and Plato
  194. The christian and Aristotelian philosophy
  195. Uniformity of Nature
  196. Morality by Reason
  197. The Problem of Evil and Adam
  198. Ontological argument
  199. Ethics Question(s)
  200. Difference between motive and intent
  201. No God No Problem: new Christmas add
  202. Darwin and Militant Atheism on CNN today.
  203. Writing a paper on Post-Modernism, I need help.
  204. What causes nations and empires to decline?
  205. The first-person perspective of knowledge, sin, and God's omniscience
  206. The Morality of Entitlement
  207. what is required for moral responsibility? - Galen Strawson's Basic Argument
  208. How Familiar Was Aristotle With Jewish Theology?
  209. Darwinian Fairytales
  210. Philosophy vs. Theology
  211. Dispinsationalism confusion
  212. Axioms
  213. The notion of falsifiability
  214. Power of Music: The true power is beyond the words
  215. Positives of Open Theism?
  216. Logic 101: Maintaining your Treasure
  217. Defining Free Will
  218. Ultimate Epistemology
  219. American Culture?
  220. Schaeffer's Method of Analysis
  221. PZ Myers takes on Platinga
  222. Is evil just the absence of good, cold just the absence of heat? Video making rounds.
  223. A Christian Philosophy of Writing
  224. modal argument against free will
  225. God Confirms the words of the Serpent
  226. Postmodernism not relativistic?
  227. Malebranche and occasionalism
  228. How Do You View Rhetoric?
  229. William Alston RIP
  230. Presuppositions & Evidences...
  231. Does metaphysics precede epistemology?
  232. Interest in studying philosophy
  233. One Book to prepare Christians for skeptic attacks
  234. Frankfurt examples
  235. Absolutes
  236. Zeno's Paradoxes
  237. Marxist Dialectical Method
  238. A = -A ...sometimes
  239. Philosophy Conference of Interest
  240. Van Tillianism, Postmodernism, & Neo-Orthodoxy: Is There a Relationship Here?
  241. The Trouble with Democracy
  242. The One & the Many??
  243. Critique of William James's Philosophy
  244. Innocence
  245. Will Durant
  246. Biblical Logic
  247. Aristotelian Terms Common in Theology
  248. Philosophy Book Reading Thread
  249. Christianity Today Evolutionist Interview
  250. Is all truth propositional?