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  1. Is Van Tillianism Foundationalist?
  2. Douglas Groothuis lectures? Any good?
  3. How many of us Van Tillians have read the men CvT critiqued?
  4. Dates for Old Amsterdam?
  5. Francis Turretin vs the Called to Communion apologetic.
  6. What was Van Til's specific starting point?
  7. Thinking in tight circles.
  8. Responding to Brian Bosse's Presuppositional Critique
  9. Should Reformed Christians support Ken Ham?
  10. "Transcendental"
  11. Michael Butler
  12. Classical Apologetics audio lectures and sermons
  13. Covenental Apologetics: Everyone in covenant with God?
  14. Van Til - confused Ontology with Epistemology
  15. Suggestions for a newbie to presuppositional apologetics?
  16. J. Warwick Montgomery audio lectures?
  17. Does anyone know of a reformed review of "Blackwell's Companion to Natural Theology"
  18. Clark - Van Til Discovery
  19. Myths that teach truths - homework for my daughter
  20. Defining Presuppositionalism and Evidentialism at a 4th grade level... HELP!
  21. A good discussion between Hilary Putnam and Alvin Plantinga.
  22. Faith Has Its Reasons - FREE ebook
  23. Is Presuppositionalism Self-Defeating?
  24. Bahnsen's "A Biblical Introduction to Apologetics"?
  25. The next Gordon Clark?
  26. Excellent article.
  27. Presuppositional question
  28. The Gospel Coalition on Presuppositional Apologetics
  29. The end of classical apologetics?
  30. Could it be that logic just "is"?
  31. Per supp apologetics in Erhman v Wallace
  32. Presuppositional Apologetics: Biblically Defensible?
  33. Religion as a coping mechanism
  34. Roman Catholic Apologetics
  35. Autonomously reasoning to the rationality of presuppositionalism
  36. Edgar on Schaeffer and Van Til.
  37. Brief Introduction to Cornelius Van Til
  38. Archaeological and other external evidence
  39. Apologetic software
  40. Proving the Bible
  41. Van Til and apparent contradictions.
  42. How do you answer the Roman Catholic who says...
  43. Oliphant on the Clark/Van Til controversy.
  44. Do we see God when we observe Logic, Mathematics, Inference, and Moality?
  45. New Van Til site, to me at least!
  46. Works of Van Til FREE Downloads
  47. Clarification on Presuppositional Apologetics
  48. Good Presupositional resources online.
  49. The delay of the parousia - Can God tell time?
  50. Where do you start with a charismatic? (presuppositional approach)
  51. Bahnsen on Presuppositionalism
  52. Van Til's Six Part Series
  53. Van Til's Reply to Buswell
  54. First book of Van Til
  55. Buswell's critique of Van Til's Christian Apologetics
  56. If atheism were disproven, but without proving God...
  57. What kind of apologetics?
  58. Calvinism and presuppositionalism vs. Arminianism and evidentialism. Any correlation
  59. God Necessary for Morality - New Book
  60. Presuppositional Apologetics website
  61. Presupppositional apologetic works dealing with false religions.
  62. Christianity’s Higher Attitude
  63. Scripturalism's Immediate Knowledge Related to Infant Salvation by Drake
  64. Was Augustine a Scripturalist? by Drake
  65. Causality and Divine Fiat by Drake
  66. The Scholastics and the Van-Tilians Have Only Created Light by Drake
  67. God and the Laws of Probability
  68. Good intro to Van Til
  69. Michael Horton's apologetical views?
  70. Francis Schaeffer vs. Nancy Pearcey
  71. Apologetics and an ordination questioner?
  72. Is Apologetics a Worthwhile Endeavor?
  73. Looking for Bahnsen's Doctoral Thesis
  74. Machen's apologetic.
  75. Plantinga vs. Wolterstorf?
  76. How would you prove the God of the Bible exists?
  77. "Judge not" - what's the right answer?
  78. RC Sproul on presuppositionalism
  79. Interesting papers on Gordon Clark!
  80. Educating An Apologist
  81. Question on Bahnsen
  82. Plantinga vs. VanTil?
  83. Spurgeon--evidentialist, presuppositionalist, or neither?
  84. Who is the leading Pressup Apologist as of right now
  85. presuppositionalist and evidential method
  86. A Weakness of Christian Apologetics?
  87. Argument for God from the Theory of Evolution
  88. Presuppositional Apologetics explanation and example
  89. TrueU Project
  90. Apologetic for works-based religions
  91. Monkeys have Morals
  92. James White Lauds WSC Pressupositional Apologetics
  93. Need advice
  94. Media reaction to the Collision movie
  95. Apologetics (!)= Evangelism
  96. Pre-evangelism is it Arminian at heart?
  97. Near Death Experiences
  98. Can we argue someone into the Kingdom?
  99. What apologetic method was used in your own conversion?
  100. Can pressupositionalists believe in Natural Law?
  101. Presuppositional Tract
  102. Van Til vs. C.S. Lewis
  103. What would I be classified as?
  104. The existence of God
  105. Clarkians
  106. A bit more on presuppositionalism
  107. Apologetics Books
  108. Unregenerate Knowledge of God
  109. A Synthesis of Apologetics
  110. Against fundamentalist presuppositionalism
  111. RE: National Geographic Article and Agnostic Friend
  112. Purpose of Apologetics
  113. Gary Habermas on the Resurrection Argument that Changed a Generation of Scholars
  114. I need help with apostacy.
  115. Presuppositionalism in Practice
  116. What is meant by 'analogical' knowledge? Or, Why a qualitative distinction?
  117. How would you answer this atheist acquaintance of mine
  118. Presuppositionalism Q&A
  119. Presuppositional Atheism?
  120. Carl F. H. Henry as Heir of Reformation Epistemology?
  121. My name is____I use this apologetic...
  122. Plantinga's modal logic version of the ontological argument
  123. Seven Theses on Presuppositionalism: A Primer
  124. Presuppositional defense against deism
  125. An interesting quote regarding inspiration from "Van Til's Apologetic"
  126. A question about the formation of the canon that has bearing on presuppositionalism
  127. Is classical apologetics Pelagian at root?
  128. Philosophy of Science Q : Facts and their interpretations
  129. Clarkians and Doctors
  130. Laws of logic and animals
  131. Gordon H. Clark on Logic in Man
  132. Is Romans 1:18-20 the Cosmological arument for God?
  133. Bahnsen on Resurrection Apologetics
  134. Gordon H. Clark on Logic and Scripture
  135. Doctrine of Sin and Apologetics
  136. Poll...Who utilizes what apologetic method?
  137. Homosexuality as Judgment
  138. Analysis of Roman Catholic "spiral"
  139. Apologetics and the Heckler
  140. Does all truth come from the Bible?
  141. Are there any good books focusing on explaining and defending TAG?
  142. A Challenge to the Presuppositionalists
  143. Defending apologetics
  144. The Necessity of External Consistency in Apologetics
  145. Apologetical dilemma
  146. A Dilemma For Van Tillians?
  147. Learning Apologetics
  148. Scripturalism and Occasionalism
  149. Just got the book, "Van Til's Apologetic" by Bahnsen
  150. The Linguistic and Logical Improprieties of the Theistic Proofs
  151. Clark and Van Til...Basic Differences?
  152. Euthyphro's dilemma
  153. Presuppositionalism and Reason
  154. Is God really separate from his creation? Argument from a pantheist
  155. How would classical apologists or evidentialists respond to this?
  156. Richard Dawkins debate forum
  157. difference between Evidential and Presuppositionalism
  158. "Common ground" with unbelievers?
  159. Voddie/Apoligetics
  160. TAG article on Wiki
  161. Why the Bible?
  162. The NEW Presuppositional Champion
  163. Difference Between Critical Realism and Evidentialism
  164. Difference between Van Till and Clark
  165. TAG questions
  166. Renewing the Center
  167. The Gospel: Not to be proved to any
  168. Help: Bahnsen's Definition of a Worldview
  169. A question regarding presuppositionalism - Why only Christianity?
  170. Vox Day - Is God really omniscient?
  171. Falsifiability and Scientific Reasoning: Question
  172. Defending the christian worldview against all opposition
  173. Evidence of God
  174. Van Til Diagrammed
  175. emotional theology
  176. Thoughts on Greg Bahnsen
  177. Apologetics against Jewish attacks?
  178. Need help responding to the following
  179. The Bible proves itself
  180. Biblical Evangelism's Message, Motivation, and Means.
  181. Mormons vs. The Brothers
  182. Van Til site: Christianciv.com
  183. Dinosaurs: Dead or Alive - The Film
  184. Dr. Howe: Responses to Some Critics Regarding My Article
  185. Which camp do you side with? Evidentialism vs. Presuppositionalism
  186. Graphology
  187. About Sproul and Geisler.......
  188. what view are you?
  189. presuppositional/ reformed epistemology
  190. Debating Like Aquinas on PB
  191. Summa Theologica Podcast
  192. An Atheist's God
  193. Francis Schaffer: Evidentialist or Presup?
  194. Moral argument for the existence of God?
  195. Can Evidentialism Jump Lessing's Ditch?
  196. When paradox allowed / disallowed in a worldview?
  197. WL Craig's Kalam Cosmological Argument
  198. Arguments contra abortion
  199. Presentation and doubt about pressupositionalism
  200. Does presup lead to Rome?
  201. Always Ready
  202. Evaluate this epistemological claim?
  203. A Case for 'Reformed Evidentialism'
  204. Question re: Van Tillian presuppostionalism and contradictions
  205. A Brief Explanation of Van Tilian Presuppositional
  206. "Science and Truth" by Clark
  207. Frame's Book on Van Til
  208. Frame on TAG, a summar
  209. Bahnsen and Frame
  210. Real World Apologetics
  211. Dr. Voddie Baucham
  212. Free John Frame course on apologetics
  213. audio quality of bahnsen's critique of frame?
  214. Regarding Reymond Contra Sproul
  215. Presuppositionalism and Islam
  216. Oliphant's Reasons {for Faith}?
  217. Presuppositional Critique of Open Theism?
  218. JW Montgomery on Theology and Legal Evidence
  219. Gordon Clark -- Drug Dealer!
  220. Tom Bombadil at Earth Day
  221. The Law of Identity
  222. Attn Van Tillian Presups. -Re:Epistemology
  223. Attn Clarkian Prussups. - re:Epistemology
  224. Van Til Lectures.
  225. "Van Tillian Presuppositional Apologetics - A Critique"
  226. Overlap between Van Til and Clark?
  227. Why Doesn't God Heal Amputees?
  228. A Christian view of fastfood working
  229. On the illogicality of Positive apologetics
  230. Scott Oliphant's website
  231. Question About Scripturalism
  232. Cheung Defends His Recent Attitude
  233. Manata Vs. Cheung Redux
  234. Francis Schaeffer's Apologetics
  235. Seeker Sensitive
  236. Anybody like carm.org?
  237. Inerrancy And Apologetics
  238. Van Til's Presuppositional Apologetic - A Critique
  239. What is the best Clarkian book to start with?
  240. Classical or Presuppositional Apologetics
  241. Vincent Cheung on the Offensive
  242. Paul Manata and others, The Closet and Possibility
  243. Defending The Christian Worldview Against All Opposition
  244. Ought the Church to Pray for Revival?
  245. My Clarkian Friends. RE: Carl Henry
  246. Van Til-Clark debate settled - once and for all!
  247. Lewis
  248. not many wise blog on TAG
  249. Paul Manata - You Da Man!
  250. They Say, I Say