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  1. Source for Luther's “race of Christs” quote?
  2. The soul dimly reflects its Maker.
  3. Truth, error, and healing
  4. Who said sing David's Psalms with David's spirit rather than David's harp?
  5. Distance only is our death
  6. A Typology of Wine
  7. The Mind of Man Cannot Guess the Will of God
  8. Fortner Quotes
  9. Looking for the quote & source
  10. Calvin's Institutes: Our deluded perception.
  11. Calvin to Objectors of Divine Reprobation
  12. Paul Baynes on the fullness of Christ
  13. John Gill on Christmas
  14. A lack of conflict is not always a sign of charity
  15. Vintage Matthew Henry
  16. Sniffing Paint
  17. 5th characteristic of a deluded conscience, James Durham
  18. joy in God is never out of season
  19. David Brainerd on Imaginary Notions of Christ's Human Nature
  20. Matthew Henry on Psalm 36 - A commentary for our times
  21. Saying of Isidore "de actionibus" need translation
  22. Thomas Chalmers upon reading Matt 18
  23. the predicting and fulfilling God -- Isaiah 45
  24. What does it mean to know God?
  25. All Sins
  26. Against Irreverent Inquiry
  27. Machen quote, May 31, 1936
  28. Seven things of note in Christ's Passion by Alex. Henderson
  29. sin a little longer
  30. Good Doctrine
  31. The "Best" of Times Can Be Bad
  32. Quote About Evils Around Us
  33. Unsourced Melanchthon Reference
  34. Who Said It? You Might Be Surprised
  35. Covenant Interest
  36. The Lord’s Day
  37. Trinity and Incarnation
  38. London's Lamentations; Sermon On the Great Fire By Thomas Brooks
  39. Jellyfish
  40. In Prosperity and Affliction
  41. Our renewed strength is what the Lord is in Himself
  42. Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart..
  43. God's Power Not Shrouded in Darkness - Calvin
  44. Relative Righteousness Insufficient - Calvin
  45. John Ball on doing God's will.
  46. The Authorities Of This World...John Calvin
  47. Against such there is no law
  48. Six Easy Steps for Removing Your Lampstand
  49. pro-life Puritan quote
  50. "The Crown Rights of Christ" by John Angell James
  51. Patrick Henry vs. Intolerance
  52. Rutherford on Adversity
  53. A certain greatness of spirit
  54. A Case of Misattribution : Famous "Luther" Quote
  55. On Forsaking the Visible Church - Calvin
  56. Jon Courson of Calvary Chapel on Ephesians 2:8,9
  57. Burroughs on God's ways and His Name
  58. Pride
  59. Ephesians 1.11
  60. Chrysostom on the Law appointed for the Jews
  61. The Eternal Will of God
  62. Various and Sundry Cornelius Van Til Quotes
  63. Despising Appointed Means
  64. Charnock on Innovations to God's Prescribed Worship
  65. Un or Ill Preparedness in Worship
  66. Searing Our Consciences
  67. Spurgeon on Sanctification
  68. How Close to the Edge Can I Get?
  69. Paul's beautiful vision of life in the church
  70. William Gurnal contra "Threshold Christianity"
  71. Skull and Spade
  72. Jonathan Edwards on Self-Humiliation and Confession of Sin
  73. William Plumer & Others on the Second Commandment
  74. The Conscience Engaged in Earthly Tasks
  75. Chicken Death
  76. Custom is a tyrant...
  77. Quotes from John Brown of Haddington
  78. The Gospel is a message of ‘good news.’
  79. Blunting the Sword of God
  80. Christ is Exalted
  81. No Master So Kind as Christ
  82. Martin Luther on the Papacy
  83. Nice way of putting it
  84. The Eternal Peril in Denying the Trinity
  85. Various Quotations from Gillespie
  86. Gill on Family Worship as Evidence of Christian Fortitude
  87. HELP!! Manton Quote Concerning James
  88. The Value of Good Books
  89. Bonhoeffer on Union Theological Seminary
  90. Looking for a Puritan Quote Site
  91. Necessary and especially necessary
  92. Profound Quotation from Carl Trueman
  93. A quote by Phaedrus redone for the glory of God!
  94. Proper Balance Betwixt Charity & Flattery
  95. Murmuring Against God's Judgments
  96. Convicting Quotation(s) From Thomas Brooks
  97. Sinking Vessel
  98. The Gift of Free Grace
  99. They've butted all the grace out of it
  100. Gillespie Quotation
  101. Hudson Taylor
  102. J.H. Thornwell's Affection for the Westminster Standards
  103. Persumption
  104. The Scorner's Highest Seat and Deepest Fall
  105. This Explains an Awful Lot of Stuff
  106. Proper Form Not Enough!
  107. Dabney of preaching
  108. Antichrist
  109. Forsake Your Righteousness - Robery Murray McCheyne
  110. Unhealthy Dichotomy Between Academia and Church Training
  111. Satanic Vices
  112. Primitive Baptists and the 1689
  113. Basil on small matters
  114. Various Henry Quotations for Consideration, Edification, and Encouragement
  115. William Plumer on Devising Our Own Piety
  116. Particular subjects of self examination-The Lord's day-God's house
  117. John Brown of Wamphray on Holy Days
  118. Choice Quotations from Gillespie's Work Against Popish Ceremonies & Days
  119. False Repentance and Legalism
  120. Archbishop Ussher on Creation in six days
  121. William Plumer on Loving God and Loving Man
  122. Pertaining to Images
  123. Rutherford: Popular Civil Gov't vs Popular Church Gov't
  124. Rutherford on Private vs. Church Forgiveness
  125. Luther on drinking
  126. Taming the Tongue / Fingertips
  127. The purpose of writing and reading good books (per Luther)
  128. Luther, "Religion is the default mode of the human heart"?
  129. Spurgeon Quote on the Sabbath Day
  130. Thomas Brooks Quote
  131. Spurgeon devotional quote
  132. à Brakel on Men and Their Callings
  133. Philip Melancthon on the Magistrate as Keeper of Both Tables
  134. On Being Affected By Others' Sins
  135. While Waiting on God, Be Not Idle
  136. Sundry Sabbath Quotations
  137. Augustine quote on Essential's and Unity disputed
  138. Spurgeon quote
  139. A contemporary quote?
  140. The Bread of the Gospel
  141. My justification must be in the merit of my Surety.
  142. Thomas Watson Quotation(s) on Sabbath Preparation
  143. Who said this? "One work is best completed by one"
  144. Loss of Authority
  145. Through the Law
  146. The Present Advantage of Godliness
  147. The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes
  148. R. L. Dabney on Professors of Theology
  149. So which? Jame I or Charles II ???
  150. Edward Elton on Hope
  151. Sibbes: 'My time is in Thy hand.
  152. From RC Sprouls' Knowing Scripture
  153. From Rutherford's "The Loveliness of Christ"
  154. Sibbes on our immortal souls
  155. A Great Quote from HC
  156. Proselytizing
  157. Intercessory Prayer
  158. Pigs and their food quote
  159. Spurgeon: Don't adjust the gospel according to the person.
  160. Calvin quotes Augustine
  161. Sacramental Meditation XII by John Willison
  162. Stirring Words to Pastors
  163. My favourite quotes
  164. Skepticism over the church
  165. Sunday Meditation with Sibbes
  166. The Forgotten Key to Good Leadership by JC Ryle
  167. The Practice of Mortification
  168. strong trouble fits us for stronger consolation
  169. "Then, those who feared the LORD spoke to one another...."
  170. Outside the Bible this is the best line I have ever read
  171. Preaching is like...
  172. Origin of the phrase...
  173. Cling to the banner and raise it on high
  174. "All tyrants are cowards..."
  175. Greg Bahnsen presup. quote
  176. They boast highly of the Fathers
  177. The crucifixion transformed evil into good -- Horatius Bonar
  178. Quotes by Abraham Kuyper
  179. On the Lord's Day, you get what you came for!
  180. Undamned and Undevoured in Christ
  181. Be a strong sinner
  182. a happy life
  183. Edward Leigh on Catechizing
  184. Thomas Watson - Miscellaneous
  185. Antinomian accusations
  186. Luther Preaching the Communication of Properties
  187. C.S. Lewis
  188. Bonaventure on Theology
  189. John Brown (Haddington), Advice to Ministerial Students
  190. Beza on the goal of magistracy
  191. Help locating John Newton quote
  192. Spurgeon Speaks
  193. Chrysostom on a rule
  194. Why the Puritans were "pure"
  195. What Is True Holiness?
  196. Illiterate Reading and Argumentation
  197. B.B. Warfield on evolution !
  198. David's sin is no excuse
  199. Owen on Bunyan quote?
  200. Joseph Caryl on Job 2.7-8
  201. Russian criminals still have faith
  202. From Pilgrim's Progress
  203. Subject to none...
  204. Spurgeon on Justificaiton from Eternity
  205. humbled into the dust - Pink
  206. Hucksters of Prophecy
  207. Wilhelmus A'Brakel on Love and Union With Christ
  208. Quotes by Anselm
  209. A wounding before healing - Binning
  210. Kuyper quote reference?
  211. Always check a Romanist Translation...
  212. Quote from the '09 NAtional Conference
  213. I Killed my Son -it wasn't an accident (An Illustration)
  214. When I Don't Desire God
  215. Religious Affections
  216. Oecumenius on justification
  217. Wilhemus A’ Brakel on Justice & Mercy
  218. What do ya think of this quote.
  219. Theodoret, Imputation?
  220. Basil of Caesarea on justification
  221. Req : Puritan Quotes on Moderate Eating
  222. Oh, that Luther!
  223. The Covenant of Works Binding, Though Broken
  224. Ligon Duncan on Complimentarianism
  225. Basil the Great, venial/mortal sins?
  226. Machen on "Modern, Scientific Utilitarianism"
  227. Christlikeness
  228. My Use of the Reformed Confessions
  229. Turretin on The Political Government of the Church
  230. Not Making a Saviour of Faith - Octavius Winslow
  231. Basil & Gregory on the adjudicating nature of Scripture
  232. Epiphanius on the Perspicuity of Scripture
  233. Is this a Confessional Statement?
  234. 1662 BCP Collects of the Day. May they be a rich blessing.
  235. God Without Imitation
  236. Spurgeon, the Jews, and the Roman Catholic Church
  237. A wonderful section of Prayer from the 1662 BCP Revised.
  238. W. S. Plumer - pause before they plunge
  239. A Journal of the Plague Year
  240. Female Piety.. To Young Mothers
  241. Augustine on Definite Atonement (brief reference in passing)
  242. Augustine on the supreme magister
  243. Celebrities vs. Nobility
  244. Margaret Thatcher and Warren Buffet
  245. The Times in Which We Live
  246. Calvin on the gratuitous love of God.
  247. Washington Irving on Ye Olde Puritan Christmas
  248. A Puritan Christmas Quote
  249. Pope Pius IV on the Death of John Calvin
  250. Nathaniel Holmes on the Beauty of Psalm Singing