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  1. Jesus Christ Apostolic Church?
  2. secularism, satanism, & music documentary
  3. Rome says Mary can be a bridge between Catholics and Protestants, I say NO!
  4. Arminianism vs. Molinism
  5. Who wrote the Gospel of Thomas and other Gnostic gospels?
  6. All Hallow's Eve
  7. James Durham on Romes errors regarding Justification by Faith
  8. James White Responds to Jason Stellman
  9. Help with a Jehovah's Witness
  10. Thomas Aquinas taught idolatry
  11. Catholic Doctrine on the atonement?
  12. Osteen's entertainment circus comes to Des Moines, Iowa tonight
  13. Sudanese woman condemned to death probably not a Christian at all
  14. One or Two: Seeing a World of Difference by Peter Jones
  15. The accuracy of Jack Chick tracks?
  16. Patrick Sookhdeo's Islam ministry
  17. Help! I need help fighting Romanism!
  18. Names of the Pope
  19. Need help understanding the Jehovahs Witness wonky resurrection view
  20. Anabaptism Today! Quote
  21. New Eight Hour Documentary on Roman Corruption of Christianity
  22. Hairy C's together: Catholics and Charismatics together.
  23. Sad tale of Fred Phelps' traveling atheist son, Nate
  24. Islam history myths books?
  25. Arminianism, Molinism, open theism analogies
  26. Alexandre Hislop and his "The two Babylons"
  27. John Calvin on the spurious repentance of the Council of Trent
  28. People leaving Westboro Baptist "Church"
  29. George Gillespie on the new pope
  30. "The Spirit of the Liturgy"
  31. Antichrist Named Time's "Person of the Year"
  32. Refutations for Osteen and Joseph Prince
  33. Morminianism? Arminimormon?
  34. Counseling those who believe Christians should never be sick
  35. new cults or not so new on Mefford show Nov 20, 2013
  36. TBN founder has passed away.
  37. Is this magic to be avoided?
  38. Mark Driscoll Accused of Plagiarism
  39. cult
  40. Did Albert Mohler just speak at Brigham Young?
  41. An internal contradiction in purgatory arguments?
  42. 50 Million dead in Inquisition
  43. Native American Religions
  44. Is The Family International legit?
  45. Different Types of Muslims- Is This An Oversimplification?
  46. What ever Happened to what the Bible says? ELCA Cult?
  47. Edit help if you would like to help out.
  48. Does the Book of Mormon actually teach the Mormon Law of Eternal Progression?
  49. Roman Catholic Reforms
  50. Is your schedule too busy?
  51. Teaching a cult.
  52. Islamic and Morman revelation, and demonic influence
  53. Pope's Statement Regarding Redemption
  54. Difference Between Calvinist Predestination and Islam?
  55. Why Rick Warren why?
  56. Is this veneration of Mary?... a sin?
  57. Jehovah's Witnesses
  58. Do you bring up the topic of the pope?
  59. A secular publication gets atheism right
  60. What do we make of Messianic Judaism?
  61. Arrest The Pope!
  62. American Christianity 101
  63. Ratzinger to Resign as head of Roman Church
  64. Deconstruct this logic please Allah = Jehovah
  65. Visiting Temples of False Gods While on Vacation
  66. Netzarim Faith?
  67. What is the deal with the black Madonna
  68. Does transubstantiation presuppose an Aristotelian physics?
  69. CTC interview with Jason Stellman
  70. Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Confession of Faith
  71. What do you make of this?
  72. Cult Watch by Ankerberg and Weldon
  73. Emerging church and narrative
  74. The Talmud and underage sex
  75. What's the difference between the eastern and atheist views of the afterlife?
  76. Help with Bibliography-Youth
  77. Reaction to "Conversion" and Debating Roman Catholics
  78. New Translation Comes in "Screenplay" Format
  79. decline in the United Church of Canada recognized by secular press
  80. The Roman catholic mass is both a blasphemy and an abomination
  81. Jason Stellman Has Officially Gone to Rome
  82. Do Christians & Jews Worship the Same God?
  83. PC(USA) vote on Marriage
  84. PC(USA) Says You Can't Spank Your Children
  85. Idolatry in a debate forum between Roman Catholics and Protest
  86. Peter's denial and rooster crowing. a zoroasterian link?
  87. Theosis
  88. Books on Jehovah's Witnesses & Mormons
  89. Water Witching
  90. Catholic doctrine teaches that Muslims can be saved !
  91. Spiritualists and Mediums
  92. Mormon Prophecies
  93. Pat Robertson on Tim Tebow trade..Will the madness ever stop?
  94. Watchman Nee
  95. Oh man.. I'm exhausted...
  96. I need some help battling popery!!
  97. Iranian Oneness Pastor Sentenced to Death
  98. How would this bizarre thought be classified?
  99. Annihilationism Vs. Deity of Christ
  100. Using the "Race" Card to Castigate Critics of T.D. Jakes' Modalism
  101. David Blaine - Illusionist, messed up, or possessed?
  102. Books on Islam
  103. Catholic's are sublimely taught to look upon Jesus Christ as unable to help you.
  104. Kabbalah
  105. Witness Lee and the Local Church
  106. The Catholic Church One of Germany's Largest Purveyors of Pornography
  107. Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  108. The Holy Mother Mary - Worship or just honouring/ respecting?
  109. New Atheism 2.0
  110. Sharia Law Already Devouring UK
  111. The Immaculate Conception another deceit by Satan
  112. Crafty oneness Pentecostalism?
  113. How Did the Puritans Become Unitarians?
  114. Seventh Day Adventists going door to door
  115. Fred Stone Sr.
  116. I believe that Roman Catholicism is a false religion and not a true Christian church
  117. Osteen: Mormons are Christians
  118. In "honor' of halloween... a "Christian's ministry".
  119. If you're reading this, you've been LEFT BEHIND!
  120. Rapture...
  121. Church of Oprah
  122. Christian science
  123. Split within the PCUSA
  124. PCUSA Church in Wisconsin to Ordain 1st Gay Man
  125. Joyce Meyers
  126. Has anyone heard this women before
  127. Elect participation in a cult or arminian belief system
  128. Jehovah Witnesses - need informational resources
  129. This May Be the Saddest Article I Have Ever Read On Abortion
  130. The coming of whites seen as a fulfillment of prophecy
  131. Typing in tongues
  132. Concept of the Covenant in Isl*m
  133. Requiem Mass - what is the main objection?
  134. Who do you say is the Whore Of Babylon and why?
  135. Tracts on Mormonism - Grab Bag Offer
  136. The roman catholic crucifix and and the simple Protestant cross
  137. How the Idols Fall....OOPS!
  138. Is Driscoll claiming to be a prophet?
  139. The great ecumenical deception
  140. Refuting Celestial Marriage
  141. Is Roman Catholicism dying ?
  142. Is anyone familiar with Branhamites
  143. Chrislam
  144. How do we start a conversation with a JW?
  145. Roman Catholicism v. 1 Timothy 2:5
  146. Historical concessions may be afoot in the papacy
  147. How do you tell a straw in the wind from a shibboleth?
  148. What defines Christianity as the truth over the false religions of the world?
  149. I remember Harold
  150. The Harold Camping Thread
  151. PCUSA to Make Sodomite Ordination Official?
  152. A hypothetical question..
  153. Pope John Paul II beatified
  154. Orthodox Jews and "Sabbath Mode"
  155. Reformation, Renewal and Revival : The hidden exodus:Catholics becoming Protestants
  156. What religions and modern philosophies do you consider to be satanically inspired?
  157. May 21, 2011
  158. Pastor Terry Jones and the burning of the Quran
  159. Roman Catholic view of disobedience
  160. Spiritual Mapping - whats it all about?
  161. the dead Jesus of Roman Catholicism
  162. The Philadelphia RC priest scandal.
  163. Human Jesus Theology
  164. Anglicans preparing defection to Roman Catholic Church
  165. "Protestantism must never forget its duty......"
  166. Saddleback Health & Fitness Seminar - Infomercial for Sustainable Development
  167. Nearly 60% of Candidates for the Ministry in the PC(USA) are Now Women
  168. Benedict XVI Denies Purgatory as a Physical State (?)
  169. origin of Mohammed's revelations
  170. Dialog between Mike Horton and Bryan Cross on Sola Scriptura
  171. Paranormal Subjects
  172. Sometimes Heretics Do the Darndest Things
  173. Sura 9:5 says, "Slay the idolaters wherever you find them
  174. Roman Catholic Bishops to Vote on Baptism Agreement with "Reformed Christians"
  175. Westboro "Baptist" "Church" to protest play
  176. Who needs the Holy Spirit when you've got the pope?
  177. Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right
  178. Two Questions Concerning Romanism
  179. The lies men believe...
  180. Anybody familiar with Yahweh's Restoration Cult ?
  181. Glenn Beck Christian
  182. Bad Results of Heresy
  183. God made the universe for our pleasure?
  184. Open Theism Scholar Dies
  185. The Perils of 'Wannabe Cool' Christianity
  186. Very interesting article and a question also
  187. Asatru, Neopaganism, & Aryanism
  188. So the Mormons came by yesterday...
  189. Ted Haggard's Disturbing Update
  190. Funny picture to caption
  191. Another year, another Arab Fest in Dearborn...
  192. Thoughts on the coming One-world religion (anon)
  193. How to deal with Jehovah's Witnesses & Mormons that are street "witnessing"?
  194. The Karate Kid
  195. "Papacy Set to Recapture England"
  196. The truth that sanctifies as a foundation for unity. nothing less
  197. Islam and the doctring of election & total depravity
  198. Sacred Namers
  199. Another 'Catholic' Question - Mary as Co-Redemptrix, how does that work?
  200. Catholic Teaching: Perpetual Virginity of Mary
  201. La Santa Muerte
  202. Hagee Heresy
  203. Geologic Time
  204. Baptismal Regeneration and the CoC
  205. An excellent video by Richard Bennett
  206. Whore of Babylon
  207. Eugene Peterson and "The Message"
  208. HELP! What cult is this?
  209. Joel Osteen, New Age Guru?
  210. Outstanding Sermon on Rome
  211. T.D. Jakes
  212. What do my friends and brothers on the PB think about RCs renouncing on conversion?
  213. Report: Devil in the Vatican
  214. An emergent view: Rob Bell's thoughts on Jesus/Peter walking on water
  215. Fascinating Article on Scientology
  216. "Jesus Camp" documentary
  217. Short Documentary of the Muslim Hajj
  218. New PCUSA outrage
  219. Rome's Institutionally Sanctioned Lying
  220. Emergent soteriology
  221. Brian McLaren shows true colors
  222. Gifts of the Spirit.
  223. Unitarian Minister Interviews Atheist Christopher Hitchens
  224. Book: John Paul II used belt to whip himself
  225. Does a tefillin trump a rosary?
  226. Literature on the early papacy and succession lists
  227. WOF mvt and is this common
  228. ELCA Publishing arm kills retirement plan
  229. Incorrupt Bodies of the Roman Catholic saints
  230. Get ready, get ready, get ready for a double portion
  231. Yet Another Bad Church Sign
  232. Christmas Eve Mass in Rome
  233. Why Catholics Convert to Calvinism
  234. wicca/natl socialism?
  235. Name change at the death of a parent?
  236. Osteen again...oy veh
  237. Calvinists Convert to Catholicism
  238. R. G. Stair
  239. Measuring Oral Roberts' Influence - MacArthur Series Part III
  240. Oral Roberts Has Died
  241. The root of Roman misunderstanding of Justification
  242. Unholy Trinity (TBN) -MacArthur Series Part II
  243. The Prosperity Gospel Money Dance
  244. Ratzinger's Misunderstanding of the Reformation
  245. MacArthur on phony preachers and healers
  246. Can anyone help me identify the group this lady is talking about?
  247. Cartoon Says it all about Roman Catholicism
  248. NT Apocrypha Authority
  249. Acurate english translation of koran
  250. Dr.White on Jesus in the bible