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  1. Book Recommendation on: Hermeneutics and the confessions
  2. Does this blog post accurately characterize the doctrine of original sin?
  3. Defense of the Original Westminster Standards
  4. Necessary defense and abortion
  5. Audio Series on Confessional Presbyterianism
  6. Best Kindle Version of the Westminster Confession and Catechisms?
  7. Westminster Confession vs Regulative Principle of Civil Government
  8. WCF 24:3 - who are the "papists"?
  9. A "standard edition" of the Westminster standards?
  10. WSC 30: Working faith in us and thereby uniting us to Christ in our effectual calling
  11. WCF: "Epistles to the Romans"?
  12. Is Evangelicalism Christianity?
  13. WCF Ch 22 and Matthew 5:33-37
  14. Elect Infants
  15. WCF Chp 1:1
  16. Why a New Heaven?
  17. Gratitude vs. faith in future grace
  18. Who has authority of the interpretation of Scripture? WCF, church, the Pastor, me?
  19. Monuments of Idolatry
  20. Lens of the Confession
  21. Advent Candles and WLC 109
  22. Question on WCF Chapter 9.1
  23. Are you 100% confessional ?
  24. Kevin DeYoung On John Piper and the Word "Reformed"
  25. Best Commentary on Westminster Shorter Catechism
  26. Belgic Confession - Article 9
  27. HC Lord's Day 38 and Schools
  28. Ch. 16 On Good Works; stirring up the grace of God
  29. The Sum of Saving Knowledge
  30. The Consensus of Tigurinus
  31. Looking for a good(readable, copyable) link to Ursinus' commentary on the HC
  32. the westminster confession of faith? well....
  33. Fred H. Klooster and the Heidelberger
  34. The Ordinance of Covenanting by John Cunningham
  35. WLC 136 and Organ Donation/Transplantation
  36. Heidelberg Q83 question on Ursinus' commentary
  37. Typographical errors in the Westminster Documents
  38. What is the difference between 3FU and the Westminster standards?
  39. Updated “Orthodox Catechism” by H. Collins
  40. When with others... WCF vs the LBC and Savory
  41. WLC, Q73 - Justifying Faith
  42. WCF 1.6 and hair
  43. Good & Necessary: LBCF vs WCF
  44. WCF & Revisions
  45. It is awesome and great to be a Protestant and know I am saved.
  46. WSC 52 - 'Propriety'
  47. Another Answered Objection to Westminster Establishmentarianism
  48. Shorter Catechism PowerPoint
  49. Apostle's Creed
  50. Westminster Standards PLUS the 3FU?
  51. Why the Westminister Confession?
  52. Revised Belgic 36: magistrate upholds both Law Tables and advances God's Kingdom
  53. "Liberty." You Keep Using That Word.
  54. Sermons/lectures on the Synod/Canons of Dort?
  55. Carl Trueman: The Creedal Imperative
  56. Lawful to Break Unlawful Vows?
  57. Catechism Class Help Needed
  58. John Brown Contra R2K (Anachronistic?)
  59. Straw Man Objection of WCF Establishmentarianism
  60. Rev. Hyde's NAPARC Address
  61. Discernment and Interpretation of Confessional Issues
  62. Divine Impassibility and Our Suffering God
  63. A new Reformed Confession
  64. Me & My Bible or Word & Sacrament?
  65. Church polity and Confessions
  66. Questions about the 1980 RPCNA Testimony
  67. The Larger Catechism and Usury
  68. Jus Divinum: The Westminster Assembly and the Divine Right of Church Governmen
  69. Question on WSC Q.4
  70. Online Version of the Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism
  71. Wsc q. 105
  72. Historical background for the language of the 17th century Baptist confessions
  73. New Heidelberg Catechism Website
  74. The Westminster Standards: An Original Facsimile - $5 Friday Ligonier Special--merged
  75. The Definitive Nature of Sanctification - O To Grace How Great a Debtor...
  76. Softcover Gift Edition of the Westminster Confession of Faith
  77. Four Views of Church and State and the WCF
  78. Aquila Report Northwest Georgia Stands up for Word of God and Confessional Standards
  79. Children's Catechism for the Mentally Disabled
  80. 450th Anniversary of Heidelberg Catechism
  81. New City Catechism
  82. Puritan versus Continental Reformed Sabbath Keeping?
  83. The Assembly and I Corinthians 11
  84. Second Helvetic Confession
  85. Historical Context of the term "Recreation"
  86. Wording in WCF 10:4
  87. Sing the shorter Catechism
  88. Essential differences between the WCF and 3 Forms of Unity
  89. Love as attribute of God not mentioned in L & S Catechism
  90. Gerstner series on WCF
  91. Meaning of A Lawfully ordained minister
  92. Peter Leithard and Klinean Confessionalism
  93. Fisher's Catechism vs. Vincent's Catechism
  94. Quick question on repentance
  95. W.G.T. Shedd On the Pastor/Elder/Deacon vs. Lay Member Subscription Debate
  96. Direct Revelation and the LBC
  97. POLL: Have you memorized the WSC?
  98. Mega-Million Craze, Gambling, and the Confession of Faith
  99. Reformed Church Testimonies
  100. Chris Coldwell Type Question
  101. Should lay members be required to affirm the confession of Faith?
  102. The Presbyterian Standards - Francis Beattie Electronic Version
  103. Writing a paper on Cessationism. What is orthodoxy?
  104. No Terror or Preaching of the Law
  105. Signers of the 1689
  106. Need to Purchase Copies of WCF
  107. Difference between "ordinance" and sacrament" in the LBC and WCF
  108. Differences between the confessions and catechisms
  109. Current status of the Second Helvetic Confession
  110. "The Westminster Confession..."
  111. Differences between the WCF and LBCF
  112. Memorizing the Westminster Catechism - questions or just answers?
  113. Teach Modern or Original to Child?
  114. Westminster Assembly and the Ancient Creeds of the Church
  115. Quick Question on Natural Generation
  116. John Witherspoon on the Confession
  117. Westminster and Theonomy
  118. The Perfect House (Confession)
  119. Looking for a GIANT print WCF
  120. "Ours is not a confessional age" - yes or no? And why or why not?
  121. Obstacles to Updating the Confession: Subtle Traditionalism
  122. Diagrams and the Second commandments
  123. Drawn into Controversie: Reformed Theological Diversity and Debates...
  124. Abandonment and Willful Desertion
  125. Which Reformed Confessions Lend Support to the R2K Position?
  126. A couple of good, concise articles on the WCF and the Heidelberg @ Resurgence.
  127. Thought Provoking Article on Confessionalism in the PCA, ARP, OPC, etc...
  128. Marriage and WCF damnable heresies
  129. Larger Catechism Q. 139 and "Lascivious Dancing"
  130. Subscribing To A Confession
  131. Books on Westminster Assembly
  132. Westminser Confession Rap
  133. What do Presbyterians Believe
  134. Westminster Standards Reading Plan
  135. Are Kline and Karlburg not Confessional concerning the Mosaic?
  136. Validity of a Statement on Exceptions to the Confession of Faith
  137. WCF -- what's been revised?
  138. OPC revision to WCF 25:6
  139. "Or beside it"
  140. Media Resources for WCF
  141. Westminster Catechisms Audio
  142. Sacramental Union and Sacramental Language
  143. Should the confessions be revised to forbid female pastors?
  144. DoYouConfess.com
  145. Breath takingly beautiful
  146. WCF Ch 28 - Is neglecting/rejecting paedobaptism a sin?
  147. WCF and LBCF question on baptism
  148. Can one hold to both WCF & LBCF
  149. Wcf & kjv
  150. One day sale of a great work guys. Get it if you can...... Morecrafts WLC Commentary
  151. LBC1689 Chapter 21
  152. WLC 119, 139, and 142: Define "idleness"
  153. why are they called the westminster divines?
  154. God is without passions
  155. Intent of Westminster Larger Catechism 109 Regarding Pictures of Christ’s Humanity
  156. Remarkably plain-spoken commentary on the Shorter Catechism
  157. Strange revision of the Shorter Catechism
  158. Man's CHIEF and HIGHEST end...
  159. Can Baptists hold to a 3 office view and be confessional?
  160. Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger and Shorter Catechism Facebook Page
  161. Jesus on a Pizza?
  162. If Someone's Feeling REALLY Generous
  163. Is there a difference between holding to a confesssion and being confesssional?
  164. The Westminster Shorter/Larger Catechisms and the Critical Text
  165. Helpful Comparison of WCF and LBC
  166. Creeds & Three Forms of Unity Books
  167. Letham's "In the Space of Six Days"
  168. For those who hold to the Westminster Standards: 6 Day Creation vs. _____________.
  169. Question on the Cumberland Presbyterian confessional document
  170. Westminster Larger Q: 153- faith + sacraments?
  171. Arminian catechism?
  172. The Nature of the Westminster Standards?
  173. Q & A: A Designer's Exploration of the WSC
  174. 1646 unrevised
  175. Do You Confess?
  176. Question for RBs regarding LBC 10.3/Elect Infants dying in infancy
  177. Does this agree with the confessions of faith?
  178. Striking at the vitals - 2d & 4th commandments
  179. WCF - "Kept pure in all ages"
  180. The boundaries of legalism in Christian instruction
  181. Baptism only once? (WCF 28.7)
  182. Bilingual (English-Espanol) Catechisms
  183. Ruling Elders and their Influence
  184. The light of nature in the WCF
  185. Interesting Series by Trueman: How churches lose the plot and end up going liberal
  186. Exceptions to the Standards for Historic Premil
  187. Wlc # 139
  188. Preaching in the Lbcf 26.11
  189. Westminster Shorter Q51 and Larger Q109
  190. An Essential Question for the PCA
  191. The Standards in modern English
  192. Let's memorize the Larger Catechism !
  193. Anyone memorized the whole WLC?
  194. WLC-WSC Differences
  195. Q: Most Complete WLC Scripture Proofs?
  196. Westminster Directory of Public Worship
  197. Help! Need Vos on Larger Catechism
  198. Regular Obedience?
  199. Online WCF Commentary
  200. Churches confessing the "Three Forms of Unity" worldwide
  201. Time For a New Reformed Confession?
  202. Could there be a Charismatized Westminster Confession?
  203. Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience
  204. "Private Spirits" in WCF 1
  205. Physically subscribing a Confession of Faith
  206. Best Commentary on WCF/LBC?
  207. Immediate help needed on Original and the Revised WCF 23
  208. Westminster LARGER Catechism - 4,674 pages!
  209. Historical context of the Confessions.
  210. New Edition 1677/89 Confession
  211. WCF, Chapter 21
  212. Poll: The civil magistrate in the Second Helvetic Confession. Do you agree with it?
  213. The Larger Catechism with John Bower on Covenant Radio
  214. Help with Westminster Assembly Positions
  215. A Puritan Confession of Faith
  216. Abstract of Principles
  217. WCF 2.1 prooftext question
  218. RCA officially adds Belhar Confession as a doctrinal standard
  219. Regulative Principle of Worship
  220. Can someone recommend me a good book on the Heidelberg Catechism?
  221. Does prayer include praise? -- WLC 178. What is prayer?
  222. WCF 24.4 and the American Revision
  223. Q. 56 of the WSC and "Escape Punishment by Men"
  224. BF & M Clarity
  225. Cross-Referenced Standards
  226. Heidelberg Catechism Preaching Cycles. When to start?
  227. Is the Word of God to be read by all?
  228. Belgic Confession Proof Texts?
  229. Part Two of Law and Gospel in the Heidelberg Catechism
  230. What exactly is a Confession?
  231. Confessions of the 16th and 17th Century Volume 2
  232. The Teaching of the LBCF XXXI on the Intermediate State and the Resurrection
  233. The Ninth Commandment and the Hebrew Midwives
  234. Heidelcast 18 April '10: Bringing Reformation to the Local Church
  235. Natural Law and WCF
  236. Part One of Law and Gospel in the Heidelberg Catechism
  237. Presbyterian's view of confession VS. "Reformed" view of confession
  238. WCF 1647 is the best orthodox Confession ever produced
  239. Does The WCoF Affirm Personal Prophecy?
  240. 1646 WCF & 1689 LBC Comparison
  241. Of Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience: A Brief Exposition of the LBCF XXI
  242. Original 1646 WCF Ch. 23 vs. Revised American 1789 WCF Ch. 23
  243. WLC 50: Was original intent that Christ's body remained under the power of death?
  244. For those learning the Westminster Larger Catechism...
  245. The Baptist Confession - 1689 or 1688
  246. Where can I find a reliable translation of the WCF into Telugu?
  247. WSC - Q87: What Is Repentance Unto Life
  248. Valentine's Day and The Westminster Confession of Faith
  249. Looking4FREEor cheap copies of the three forms of unity preferably in modern language
  250. Wcf i.vi & lbc i.vi compared