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  1. Do you baptize someone who has little or no assurance?
  2. Baptist Sacramental Theology
  3. Should Reformed Baptists accept the baptisms of Methodist members as valid?
  4. Household Principle
  5. Question for the Baptists on Baptism
  6. To immerse or not to immerse? That is the question.
  7. David had faith in the Womb?
  8. Why did Calvin/Luther not reject Infant Baptism?
  9. A String of Pearls
  10. Baptism of Children
  11. Question for Baptists
  12. Baptism Question Spin-off: Validity of Baptism
  13. Opinions on Baptism as an Ordinance
  14. Ephesians 6 and Covenant Children
  15. Credo-Baptism and Infant Death
  16. John Gill's Infant Baptism: A Part and Pillar of Popery
  17. The Lord's Supper and Baptism
  18. Re-baptism, when is it done, if ever?
  19. The Hebrews warning passages - a Credo explanation
  20. Relationship of Abrahamic Covenant with New Covenant and Baptism
  21. Other pouring or sprinkling credobaptist
  22. Severe mental handicap, visible church, and discipline
  23. Confession of faith and severe mental handicap
  24. Dagg and 1 Cor. 7:14
  25. What is the CredoBaptist answer to this?
  26. 1646 & 1689 on Baptism
  27. What Are The Ordinances All About?
  28. Credo Arguments Paedo-Baptism
  29. Is there salvation outside of God's covenant?
  30. An Observation on the LBC
  31. Scriptural basis for paedo baptism
  32. Acceptance of Non-Immersion for Lord's Supper
  33. RC baptism validity and the anomaly of . . .
  34. The Visible Church: Substance & Relation to Baptism. A Reformed Baptist Perspective
  35. Please supply understanding ...
  36. paedo vs credo: main point of contention
  37. Exegetical basis for Immersion only baptism?
  38. baptism, new covenant, and the unregenerate
  39. Relation of Cov's of Redemption and New Covenant?
  40. Biblical Grounds for awaiting fruits of Regeneration?
  41. Being Baptist under one Covenant?
  42. another re-baptism question
  43. Promises of the Abrahamic covenant
  44. Children & church discipline - credo
  45. Baptism is...
  46. Old covenant succession
  47. Physical Descent in the Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants
  48. Can one be credo-baptist, sacramental and covenantal?
  49. Book recommendations on credo
  50. Repeat Baptisms Spinoff
  51. Credo Baptists and repeat rebaptisms
  52. Credobaptism and Raising Families
  53. What does "baptize" mean?
  54. A 'Baptist Hermeneutic'?
  55. books, articels or links about "The New Covenant"
  56. How do we trust God from our mother's breasts if we are cognitively undeveloped?
  57. I am rethinking becoming Credo! (for Baptists)
  58. A credo with a question for credos
  59. Reposting here for Credo feedback
  60. Question On Infants' Faith
  61. Immersion question
  62. Rebaptism question
  63. The Historical Use of the Word Ordinance vice Sacrament
  64. Introducing the Credo-Baptism Answers forum