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  1. Paedo-communion and the OT
  2. Conducting Baptism Service
  3. Should I wait to baptize daughter?
  4. Should I baptize my slaves?
  5. Age Limit on Paedobaptism
  6. Paedo Baptism Explained
  7. Infant and Adult Baptism are both needed to balance our view of the gospel (Fesko)
  8. Abrahamic Covenant questions
  9. Is everyone who is a member of the New Covenant saved?
  10. Naming in baptism
  11. Question on Paedo-Baptism
  12. Infant Baptism and the Lord's Supper
  13. Why We Baptize Infants, a Brief Explanation?
  14. What is baptism? What does it do?
  15. Thomas Houston and the practice of naming in baptism
  16. Parents who refuse to baptize their infants in paedobaptist congregations?
  17. Silence in NT of infants being baptized
  18. Untangling Webs of Assumptions
  19. Scriptural basis for paedo-baptism
  20. Acts 2:37-39 and Paedobaptism
  21. Baptizing disabled adults?
  22. was all of the early church baptist
  23. Covenant Children and Genesis 1
  24. When To Baptize Infants?
  25. Hebrews 8/Jeremiah 31
  26. R.C. Sproul, Jr. RCC Baptismal Efficacy
  27. Joseph Alleine and the phrase 'sacramentally regenerated'
  28. Hebrews 8 and Paedo-Baptism?
  29. Question for Paedo-baptists.
  30. What are the benefits of Baptizing your child?
  31. Paedobaptist questions
  32. If earliest baptismal records and art show immersion....
  33. A request to paedo-baptists
  34. Benefits of covenant membership for infants
  35. Baptism and "the children of God"
  36. The Circumcision of Christ (Col 2)
  37. Household Baptisms under the New Covenant
  38. Terminology for Church members/adherents
  39. Please critique this outline of the argument for paedobaptism
  40. What was the seed that started your change of mind?
  41. Westminster on sprinkling. Hebrews 9
  42. Jabez Chadwick on Christian Baptism
  43. Circumcision and church office
  44. Should we baptize the whole house hold
  45. Covenant of Circumcision
  46. Defending Paedo Baptism
  47. WCF, baptism, and the elect
  48. Promises attached to faithful parenting
  49. For paedos only!
  50. Scenario for Paedobaptists
  51. Historical Support for Paedobaptism
  52. John the Baptist's baptizing
  53. Jay Adams' book on mode of baptism
  54. More questions on baptism from the paedo perspective.
  55. In what manner is my baptism valid?
  56. Matthew 18:4 -- Paedobaptists, answer please.
  57. Why delay in baptism a no-no?
  58. The Strongest Points for Paedobaptism.
  59. Some basic questions for Paedobaptists
  60. Infant baptism resources needed
  61. Age, Households, and Consequences
  62. Baptism and Faith - a consistent relationship
  63. Clarifying questions about the nature of the New Covenant
  64. Christ and the Non-Elect in the New Covenant
  65. Is it safe to assume...
  66. Basis for admission to Baptism and the Lord's Supper.
  67. infant baptism?
  68. NT Jewish circumcision/baptism Question
  69. The Lord's Supper
  70. Female infant baptism, biblical warrant?
  71. The Nature of the New Covenant
  72. paedobaptists-please help
  73. Question regarding Charles Hodge quote on baptism as a duty
  74. Infants as members of the covenant by birth
  75. Checking up on my "understanding" of paedo baptism.
  76. For the promise is unto unbelievers and their children, Acts 2:39
  77. Of able age? Please help Paedobaptists!
  78. Ishmael's Circumcision and Baptizing Children of Promise
  79. From Credo to Paedo: Your Decisive Turn
  80. Best books of the mode of baptism by sprinkling
  81. Does baptism replace circumcision? and other questions
  82. Paedobaptist attending a baptistic church
  83. Paedobaptism and a difficult situation within my church
  84. Covenant Child Church Membership
  85. Calvin argues credobaptism takes from the work of Christ?
  86. Acts 2 and Col 2:12
  87. A String of Pearls Unstrung
  88. Baptism and Salvation
  89. Some Paedo Baptist Clarification Needed.
  90. Baptizing Your Own Child
  91. I'm paedo but my church is not
  92. Validity of Baptism: Child of Unbelievers
  93. Baptismal mode in pre-Christian Era Judaism and Early Christian Era
  94. Moving from credo to paedo!
  95. A Question on Baptism and WCF 28
  96. Applying the water...
  97. How Old is Too Old for "Paedo-Baptism"?
  98. circumcision...baptism...change in sign?
  99. Relation of Cov's of Redemption and New Covenant
  100. (Paedos Only) Infants of Believers Dying in Infancy
  101. Sola Fide vs Baptismal Regeneration
  102. Understanding the OT before the NT
  103. 1 Corinthians 7
  104. What was that Baptism tract?
  105. A.Pink uses Abrahamic Covenant against child baptism
  106. What happens if a baby isn't baptized?
  107. Personalizing baptism
  108. church discipline & children
  109. Best books about infant Baptism
  110. Baptism as a seal.
  111. Why do paedobaptists baptize female infants?
  112. At What Age Should A Child NOT Be Baptized?
  113. Of Which Graces Is Baptism A Sign?
  114. About Baptism
  115. The Baptism of John and the Ecclesiastical Ordinance
  116. Can Deacon's baptize?
  117. Should my eldest son be baptised?
  118. Three cute questions ^_^
  119. Westminster Larger Catechism #165
  120. Question for Paedo-baptists: circumcision vs. baptism and purpose
  121. "Babies and Belief"
  122. The Israelites/Jews and the Seed of Abraham
  123. Presbyterians and Baptist Members
  124. Baptism - A teaching on its meaning and significance
  125. Why did they hinder the children?
  126. When should my son be baptised?
  127. Valid Baptism Presumes Actual Union w/ Christ?
  128. If Circumcision is of no use, why baptise babies.
  129. Scriptural Support for Paedobaptism
  130. What difference does Baptism make since Credo-Baptists train their children?
  131. Who to baptise
  132. Why I am now a paedo!
  133. General Election
  134. Question: Romans 2:25-28
  135. Doug Wilson on Baptism
  136. How do we trust God from our mother's breasts if we are cognitively undeveloped?
  137. Validity of Baptism
  138. Intro into paedobaptism?
  139. the best debates on the subjects of baptism
  140. Baptism = Sign *and* Seal of the New Covenant
  141. The place of regeneration in a paedo baptist model
  142. Jeremiah 31 - Articles?
  143. The Baptism of John
  144. Baptist to Presbyterian
  145. Preparing a preschooler for his baptism
  146. I am rethinking being Credo! (for Paedobaptists)
  147. Covenant child/hypothetical 2
  148. Exegesis vrs Eisegesis on Acts 2:39
  149. Is this infant unbaptiseable?
  150. presumptive regeneration
  151. Simple question for my paedo brethren
  152. Question from a Credo...
  153. Household Baptism and Adult Responsibility
  154. Covenant Child vs. Unbeliever wrt Hypothetical Universalism
  155. the unbelieving husband is 'holy' without baptism
  156. Unbelieving Wife
  157. What did the Jews understand about baptism?
  158. Introducing the Paedo-Baptism Answers forum