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  1. Only one elder in a church
  2. Men Seeking Office in a Different Denomination
  3. Restoration after adultery
  4. Anyone willing to help me with this?
  5. How politically involved should a pastor be?
  6. Huh? what does this mean? Philly PCA, 3rd ord vow
  7. Seeking Files for Ordination Exam Guides
  8. Race, the Pastoral Call, and Denominations
  9. A Call to Ministry?
  10. Resources on holiness for pastors/elders?
  11. Particular Baptist Pastor Seeking Church In Need of Pastor
  12. Does LBC 26.10 Forbid Bi-Vocationalism?
  13. George Gillespie On Ministerial Dress
  14. RPCNA Ordination Vows
  15. Preparation for ordination in the PCA
  16. What would you do if a Church had a woman Elder?
  17. Minimum Age for Elders?
  18. Atheist Chaplains
  19. The Dignity of the Office of Pastor
  20. Deacons
  21. Book Budget for Elders
  22. Semper Reformanda or Always Finding Something "Wrong"
  23. Practices of Female Deacons in Presbyterian and Reformed Denominations
  24. Difference Between a Pastor and Church Planter
  25. Reformed Seminaries & Female Teachers
  26. Paying (or not paying) Your Pastor
  27. Does your church have a "Mercy Bank"
  28. Being Watchful against False Teachings: A Survey
  29. The Pastor's Wife and What Pastors Should Tell Them
  30. Are pastors kind of whiny?
  31. Scholarly articles refuting Egalitarianism
  32. Particular SBC Pastor Seeking Church In Need of Pastor
  33. Interesting Interview/Perspective on Church Planting - Thoughts?
  34. PCA church seeking pastor in PA
  35. Biblical eldership
  36. When is a ministry a ministry?
  38. Pastor search announcement
  39. Evangelism & Church Office
  40. Woman Pastors: Biblical Defense
  41. Seeking a Pastor
  42. Should a Pastor Buy or Rent a Home?
  43. Form of Address for Deacons in the PCA (and other reformed denominations)
  44. Charles Hodge's view of the ruling elder
  45. Ordination of Women as Elders
  46. Distinction in the office of elder?
  47. John Knox's Parish Model
  48. Why don't any of the Dutch Reformed churches have examinations for office bearers?
  49. Which Harder: Pastoring/Shepherding Small Church vs. Large Church?
  50. Support Group for Atheist for "Christian" Clergy???
  51. Pastor's Education?
  52. Choosing the number of church officers
  53. Deacon, Deaconess, and dizzy....
  54. Oral Exam Advice
  55. Who can serve (distribute the elements) the Lord's Supper in the PCA?
  56. A life towards pastoral calling
  57. Women leaders
  58. Deaconesses in the PCA Timetable
  59. Teaching Elders, Ministers, Pastors - Members of Congregation or Presbytery
  60. How do you choose Elders in your Church?
  61. Full-Time Deacons?
  62. The "Call" to Being a Reformed Pastor
  63. Non-PCA Seminaries and Pastoral Cadidacy
  64. Pastor's Library Fund
  65. Preparing for Licensure and Ordination Exams
  66. Transfer of Ordination into the PCA or OPC
  67. Fairbairn On the Life of the Minister
  68. Created Some Audio for Licensure/Ordination Prep
  69. Sermon for Office Bearers - Take Heed to the Ministry
  70. Video of GAs before 2010
  71. Deacons Group
  72. Excommunication and being a minister?
  73. Kevin DeYoung: Heroes and Celebrities
  74. Divorce disqualify an elder?
  75. Ruling Elder terms of service - Rotating or for life?
  76. The Rise of Bi-Vocationalism
  77. Audio Prep Materials for PCA Licensure and Ordination Exams
  78. Good News for Bellingham URC in Washington
  79. Can a pastor ever break confidentiality?
  80. Mountain or Molehill?
  81. Being "under care" from one denomination to another?
  82. labored over you in vain?
  83. Pastor with Aspergers
  84. Unmarried pastors?
  85. (Im)proper Rationales for Dissolution of a Pastoral Relationship
  86. Framework View and Ordination
  87. Lord's Supper question
  88. CJ Mahaney; What is going on?
  89. Optimum number of Elders and Deacons
  90. Feed My Lambs?-Children Sermons
  91. Ussher's Reduced Episcopacy
  92. Upper Age Limit for Ruling Elders?
  93. Does a Senior Pastor have authority and final say over Associate Pastor
  94. Pastor member of the local congregation vs. member of presbytery
  95. Is a biblically divorced and remarried man qualified to be a pastor?
  96. Ordination Exam Grading
  97. A priest and a minister
  98. Leaving Seminary?
  99. do wives of deacons need to be believers?
  100. Should the State Support Ministers?
  101. Dr. Derek Thomas moving to First ARP Columbia
  102. Book suggestions on office of the elder/church leadership
  103. PCA Election of Officers and BCO 24-1 and 24-4
  104. Words of Wisdom for Pastors and Congregations From John Calvin
  105. question for MNA committee members
  106. death by ministry
  107. The Case for Commissioning (Not Ordaining) Deaconesses TIM KELLER
  108. What Looks Better? Tab or Dog?
  109. Elders as Pastors
  110. Deaconesses defended in "The Form of the Christian Temple"?
  111. Stuttering and the Ministry of the Word
  112. Dealing with Uncertainty
  113. Articulating a Call to Ministry
  114. Ministers, How to Leave Your Current Church Well
  115. Transferring Credentials Trouble
  116. What to study for licensure exams?
  117. the qualifications of an elder...?
  118. Pastoral candidate questions?
  119. Books for New Pastors
  120. Spanish-speaking TE's
  121. Piper's "Rest and Rejuvenation Modules"
  122. Office Hours: Rev. Dr. Sinclair Ferguson on Pastoral Ministry
  123. How long before you received your first call?
  124. Woman Pastors: Supported by scriptures, or...
  125. A Few Good Men- People a Pastor Needs
  126. New Pastor help
  127. sovereign grace pastor in a predominate free will church?
  128. I never hear discussions on if single elders are biblical
  129. Hope of Christ Church, Stafford, VA - Now a Particular Congregation in the PCA
  130. The public reading of the Scriptures –*Dutch/Continental Polity!!!
  131. What is ordination?
  132. Complementarianism
  133. The Cassock and the Symbols of a Bygone Era
  134. Not Ordaining Deacons
  135. Ecclesiastical Garb and Acts 13
  136. Bi-vocational pastorate
  137. Requirements/Credentials for Pastor in Baptist Denomination
  138. Seeking the Resignation of a Pastor
  139. too many pastors, not enough pulpits
  140. Pastoral Protocol for Surgery
  141. PCA Strategic Plan: Alternate credentialing paths
  142. Standing for Election as RE
  143. A Portrait of Paul by Rob Ventura and Jeremy Walker: A Summary and Review
  144. To PCA and OPC elders and deacons in particular
  145. Becoming a PCA Minister Q/A session
  146. divorce and qualifications for the officers
  147. Questions for Pastors on Pulpit Searches...
  148. The church as Palace Beautiful
  149. Books on the Ruling Elder
  150. Two new deaconess overtures for the PCA General Assembly
  151. What does "Under Care" mean ?
  152. EPC job, PCA in the future
  153. Help in Finding Calvin Reference
  154. Sinclair Ferguson Lectures on Pastoral Ministry 2010
  155. elder vs. elders?
  156. What minimum age should a ruling elder be?
  157. Christian Post: PCA to consider clearer restrictions re. deaconesses
  158. I'm a glutton for punishment...
  159. Preparing for PCA Licensure Exam
  160. Biblical rationale for male headship in Church but not in wider society or state?
  161. Student pastors
  162. The Limits of Male Headship in and Out of the Church
  163. When can a pastor leave a church Biblically?
  164. Ordination according to BCF 1689
  165. Personal Conduct and the Ministry
  166. The "How" of Pastoral Visitation
  167. Biblical rationale for male leadership in the Church?
  168. LA Episcopals elect Lesbian Bishop
  169. Female Pastors
  170. Episcopalians and Apostolic Succession
  171. Pastor or Priest?
  172. Preparing for PCA *Licensure* Exam
  173. How Long to Prepare for PCA Ordination Exams?
  174. Advice on the office of deacon
  175. How often do your Elders meet?
  176. Using the Honorific "Reverend"
  177. Women Deacons
  178. Redeemer NYC: Officer Nominations --> Deaconesses!!!
  179. Deaconess Overture - Central Carolina Presbytery
  180. Pastoral search committees
  181. Requirements for interns - same as elders?
  182. How to do Elder Nominations: PCA (ELDERS ONLY)
  183. Do Pastors Have To Have A College Education?
  184. A Succession Plan?
  185. ARP Polity class
  186. Discussion of ordination
  187. Nominations of elder scripture proofs
  188. Qualifications for Sunday school teachers?
  189. Shepherds never having been sheep
  190. Helping New Ministers and Candidates
  191. Thomas Manton on Temptations & the Ministry
  192. Youth leader
  193. The internal call: distinguishing between true calling and normal Christian interests
  194. John Owen and the "Multi-Campus Ministry"
  195. Dr. Gerald Bilkes Accepts Call to Professor of Theology at PRTS
  196. New deacon at church
  197. Ordination of Elder
  198. IŽll ask the same, in a different way (Church in San Antonio, TX)
  199. How do pastor's wives deal with their husband's "Other Woman" - i.e., the Ministery
  200. Resources for Pastor-Care, and how can congregations care for their pastors?
  201. PCA BCO 9-7 (deacons' assistants) - What to call 'em?
  202. How extensive a role?
  203. Excellent Thoughts on the Deaconess Issue...
  204. Office of Deacon... Time for Reformation?
  205. ByFaithOnline Reaction to PCA GA
  206. The Ministry of Rebuke
  207. Vacant Pulpit
  208. Some Questions on Reformed Church Government
  209. Bunyan's Portrait of a Pastor
  210. What percentage of time should a pastor spend in study and in visiting members
  211. The Pastor-Scholar: John Piper's Personal Story
  212. How Much is "Too Much" to Pay a Pastor?
  213. Should Fallen Pastors/Elders be restored to Office After Repentance
  214. Pray for this persecuted PC(USA) pastor and congregation!
  215. So You Think Your Denomination Stinks?
  216. Church as a hospital?
  217. Must one be an elder to teach a Bible study?
  218. developing Elders to a right view of grace
  219. Executive Pastor?
  220. Phil Johnson on the Pornification of the Pulpit
  221. My denominational rules
  222. question for the pastors of the board
  223. We Get To Vote For Some Elders And Deacons!!!
  224. deacon training and testing
  225. Yoohoo! It is official
  226. Discerning the Call to the Ministry
  227. Definition of a "Local Church"
  228. Dust up over Baptist Press Article on Mark Driscoll
  229. How many "bi-vocational" pastors are on the board?
  230. EPC Presbytery of the East Moves to Officially Support Women's Ordination
  231. Women, preaching, praying, and prophesying
  232. How many offices exist in the Church?
  233. Preparing For Classis Exams
  234. Coral Ridge PCA News
  235. Will anyone do?
  236. I Have Received a Call and Have Accepted
  237. How do you discern the call to ministry?
  238. Hypothetical question
  239. Does Roger Nicole support women in office?
  240. More Wisdom From Carl Trueman
  241. Ordination
  242. Deacon of meals?
  243. Gift for my ordination preacher?
  244. Church Trustee
  245. Qualifications for Elder?
  246. Seminary prepared me more because _____
  247. Humble Question For Those IN FAVOR of Women Deacons
  248. I accepted the call to Los Angeles Reformed Presbyterian Church
  249. Women missionaries- biblical definitions, qualifications and duties
  250. My Pastor is a Shepherd